Part 2 – Announcements and News from Google I/O Developer Conference 2012

If you want to know the Part 1 – Announcements and News from Google I/O Developer Conference 2012 Day 1 then you must read for the post on our site posted just next to it.

In that post I covered only on few topics that were unveiled but here I will cover the rest of it.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Google Nexus 7 is the next generation Tablet to look out with a killer combination of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It is a 7 inch tablet with many features to look out for. As already told it runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating System with weighing around only 340g and thin body. It has the capability to play 1280×800 HD and has a GPU of 12 Core and 1 GB RAM with Tegra 3 Chipset, Quad Core CPU. The sour news is that for connectivity purposes you have only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth but 3G and 4G are missing out. The price of this Tablet is $199 for 8GB Device and $249 for 16GB Device.

Google Nexus Q Streaming Device

Part 2 – Announcements and News from Google I/O Developer Conference 2012

Google Nexus Q Streaming Device is the latest Gadget to look out for. It is shaped like a bowling ball that has got a flat bottom so that it can be set on tables. It is almost like a magic ball that prophets use. On switching it on, a long strip glows with LED lights and starts to stream songs, videos, and pics to your connected devices. It also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC. As we can expect it runs on Android 4.0, with 16GB flash memory and 1GB of RAM.

Google+ Events and Google Play Upgrade

It is been 1 year since Google+ was launched and Google celebrated its first anniversary at the Google Developer Conference. With this they also have added loads of features, so let’s have a look at them.

Google+ Events

The latest feature at the conference is Google+ Events. You may have heard and used Facebook events but this Google+ Events is totally new and fresh. It is used to make scheduling events and keeping track of them.

Phase 1 – Creating an Event in Google+

Creating event is much easier. For that you have to go to your Google+ profile. Click on Events. Here you get lots of options and cinegraphs on dinners, weddings, nightclubs, beaches, and so on. Choose your favorite cinegraph and get started. After that you need to enter a Title, Date & Time, and Location and invite tour friends and family to attend it.

Phase 2 – Attending Events in Google+

When someone invites you to an event in Google+, then at the top right-hand corner of the event information you will see a drop-down box that lets you select your RSVP status. Attending events in this way is never been a hard task.

Phase 3 – Sharing Photos in Google+ Events

Now if you are enjoying your event and want to share photos and videos then you can do that as well. Party Mode in Google+ App enables you to automatically upload videos and photos to the event page, allowing them to be shared among with all other attendees to the event.

Google Plus Upgraded

It is possible for you to download Full Length Movies and Episodes from Google Play. This is all possible after Google had partnership for the service with NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Disney, Bravo, Paramount, Virgil Films, and Sundance. Google can expect more entertainment oriented users new sign ups for Google+.

APK Encryption – Piracy and Privacy is one big issue in this technology world especially for App developers which affects their revenue. To overcome this Google+ has introduces a new security feature called APK Encryption.

Smart Updates – This is especially introduced in order to save your bandwidth. Before, when any App got updated in Google Play, entire APK was downloaded to apply the update, but now with Smart Updates you need to download the updated part of APK.

Google Cloud Messaging – In this enormous event Google also announced Google Cloud Messaging. With this free service it help developers to send data from servers to their Android applications on Android devices..

Google Glasses Demo

Google Glasses was the center of attraction in this event. I can say it was the  show stealer. You may be wondering what Google Glasses is all about? Then let me tell you that they are a pair of prototype high-tech glasses which are computerized and full of latest technology. These Google glass consists of many amazing stuffs like Camera, Audio recorder, Screen, Gyroscope and light weight Accelerometer.

The Google Glass demo at the conference concluded with a video of a pair who were live-streaming video of their sweet looking baby to relatives across the country. It was possible by  using Google Glass united with the Google+ Hangout.

So, this is it folks, stay tuned for more news and events that occur worldwide right here on FreeDownloadBuzz.

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