Perfect Text Editor for Basic and Advanced Work with Notepad++

Text Editors are system softwares that allows user to create, delete, edit and modify files and documents. There is several text editors have developed ex: Notepad, Wordpad, MS Word, Linux vi, Pico etc. Notepad is not much efficient but for simple tasks we are in need of softwares.

Notepad++ is an Advanced version of Notepad. Unlike old Notepad, Notepad++ is free of cost and good source code editor. Notepad++ supports various languages running Microsoft Windows Platform.

Free Download Basic and Advanced Text Editor with Notepad++

Notepad++ designed/coded in C++ which used Win32API (Application Program Interface), scintilla which makes sure of faster execution speed and occupying less memory size.

Qualities of Notepad++

Light and Ease

  • Notepad++ is relatively small file can be downloaded easily and quickly from internet.
  • Notepads simple and ease of look and feel is driven to Notepad++  also.

System Performance

  • Most of editors using for programming are makes use of large memories to run. But Notepad++  is different from other editing softwares it occupies less memory space.
  • So that less memory space and fast processing system performance remains unaffected.

Binary Translation Page

  • Notepad++  able to convert opened source codes to binary formats. It helps menu provided to do that.

Included Plugins

  • Notepad++ has plugins for Unicode and ANSI formats. For Unicode type it gives spell checker and converter.
  • For ANSI type spellchecker, light explorer and plug-in manager.

Syntax and Semantics

  • Notepad++ does syntax highlighting, syntax folding for most modern languages like C, C++, HTML, ASP, Java, Pascal, CSS and more(totally 52 languages).
  • User defined syntax highlight option also available in notepad++. Auto completion which enables user not necessary to remember full syntax of words used in programming languages. If we type partial it shows related commands in that language to complete syntax.


  • Notepad++ designed as package with portable option. So that can be used to edit source codes and other editor options.
  • It is easy to use on the way to go to travel and compatible for display all type of age persons.

FTP Browser

  • FTP browser present inside Notepad++ allows to open documents or files from remote terminal/server.FTP browser allows to edit and upload to server  at ease and no cost.


  • Since Notepad++ has been developed by SourceForge.Net. It has many number of plugins designed for it. There are official 27 plugins are there in that 10 of them are already included by default.

Free Download Basic and Advanced Text Editor with Notepad++

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