Phishing Your Money – Why you need to be Safe [Infographic]

Unfortunately, the internet just isn’t about Fun and Games, there is something which is been hidden from everyone of us, that called hacking and Phishing. While Internet is considered both as good and bad. The Good people use it as a Good way, while the bad takes all things as bad as suggested in the info graphics.

While, you might be knowing about Phishing attacks occurring all over the world. If not, then we will tell what phishing is all about, a Phishing attack is something which would allow hackers to get your Credit Card Details, bank Details, and various other Sensitive information which you always wanted to safe.

So whats the logic behind Phishing attack is explain in the following information graphics and why you need to save yourself from such kind of attacks.

Phishing Your Money - Why you need to be Safe [Infographic]

Source: Trusteer

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  1. April 21, 2012 at 5:38 am #

    Yes, phishing does claim many victim especially novice users. We should always cross check the Address Bar!

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