Play Angry Birds Game in Space – Rovio Biggest Launch On March 22

If you have been itching to play the latest and the new trendy game of Angry Birds then here is something that you will be thrilled to hear. Angry Birds, the most played game on the earth is now going to be launched in a totally new avatar so called Angry Birds Space on this march 22 by Rovio which is considered to the biggest launch since the original game.

I’m quite sure every one of you must have played this amazing time passing game at least once in a while but this Angry Birds Space Game is totally different so fasten your seat belts and ready to launch yourselves up in the space mode. The birds in this game going to be same as before like limbless and flinging here and there but with some special space birds with special features and tasks. By the name of the game Angry Birds Space we can imply that it’s going to take place in outer space and which really looks interesting to me.

Play Angry Birds Game in Space Biggest Launch On March 22

Just imagine playing Angry Birds Game in zero gravity with all the different parameters totally affecting your game play. It is said by the Rovio that their official launch announcement will be March 8, and Angry Birds Space arrives on iOS, Android, PC and Mac on March 22.

This game is just completely new with some hidden surprises in it; oh I just can’t wait to play. NASA and NAT GEO going to be the launch partners for this Angry Birds Space Game. Science and Education are very important to us-said Rovio’s North American general manager Andrew Stalbow. The latest gameplay is completely different from the original one that you all are familiar with and making it a sequel instead of a general update.

Till now there hasn’t been any screenshot or any video that describes Angry Birds Space Game precisely and hence Rovio is keeping this secret intact and waiting for the correct time to launch which is March 22.

However, you can also download Angry Birds Game for various devices and stuffs including Mobile OS, like android, iPhone, iPod touch, iPhone (iPhone, iPad) also along with the upcoming Angry Birds Game in Space

Angry Bird for Android Phones

Angry Bird for Mac (Apple)

Angry Bird for Windows Platform

Angry Bird Rio Game for Windows Platform

Angry Bird for iPhone (iPhone, iPad)

Angry Bird for Nokia Mobile

Angry Bird for Google Chrome

Angry Birds Ham’o’ween for Android Phones

It is said that there will be light speed destruction mode which the birds use to finish off the enemy; and what else you could see? Alien pigs instead of normal ones? Well till now the enemy’s role is kept secret.

[UPDATE on March 10]

Samsung has officially released new videos for Angry Birds Game Space



[UPDATE on March 22]

Below are some of the Official Videos from Angry Birds Space

Red Bird hits Angry Birds Space on March 22


Bomb explodes on to Angry Birds Space on March 22


Lazer Bird hits Angry Birds Space on March 22


Blue Birds are back in Angry Birds Space on March 22


Ice Bird debuts in Angry Birds Space on March 22


Terence crashes onto Angry Birds Space on March 22

Let’s wait until the official launch of this Angry Birds Space Game. So gamers get ready to be amazed and kindled up by new avatar of Angry Birds.

Download Angry birds Game Space

Get and Download Angry Birds Game Space for Android

Get and Download Angry Birds Game Space for iPhone and iPad

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