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Avengers is really an awesome must watch movie for everyone. And today we bring you another fantastic game on Android to play. Gameloft, with the Marvel Entertainment association has build up a recent game for Avengers for all the Smartphone, recently published the game for all Mobile based Phone, including that of Android. We have just got the news that the Mobile Developers have released a version of Android app for Avengers Game. Our Writers have just installed the game on their Android based phone, and its just fantastic to play it with lot of exciting levels and threats coming in every now and then.

While, the game consist of you to fight against the people who are against Loki and foreign invaders, who wants to rule over the earth. One of the most interesting thing of this game is that you can play upto all 4 characters in this game including Iron Man, Thor, Hulk & Captain America to kill your enemies and protect the earth.

Free Download Avengers Game on Android Smartphone

While, you might not know, but each and every character have their own potentials and capabilities to destroy the enemies and also poses some special moves and attack capability. But every character is called only “Avengers”.

While, one thing which you might see in any other game is that, this game poses too many difficult enemies and challenges to overcome, which makes this game so interesting and fun loving to play with lot of excitement every here and there in the game. Also, if you are expecting the game to be same as that of other War Game, then we would like to tell you, that its pretty different and more exciting than any game in the world.

While playing the game, you will notice that there are more similarities between the actual movie as that of the game, its because of a simple reason that this game has been built to recreate all the scenes and live actions of the original movie “The Avengers”. However, these are just some of the primary part of the game, while the secondary part is more awesome which includes performing various attacks with the help of flying mode which will also include some combo attacks.

While, there are ways to build up and increase up your power too, if you are playing and moving ahead with the time. So its time to get your the direct download link to play this game

Free Download Avengers Game on Android Smartphone

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