Play, Equalize, Shuffle, Loop with KMPlayer Music Player

KM player recognizes for its rich appearance and background play. KMplayer has developed by Kang Yong-Hee and has been brought as largest video streaming company.

KMplayer supports various ranges of CODEC products without any plugins required.Kmplayer is easily customizable and supports multiple languages.

Free Download KMPlayer Music Player for Play, Equalize, Shuffle, Loop

Features of KMPlayer


  • KMPlayer presents user with simple minimalistic, user interactively and functional interface by providing all the menu options in just simple right click on player.
  • KMPlayer skins can be changed according to play and background file specification. KMPlayer basic controls are placed in bottom left corner, towards left there is system time is displayed.
  • After getting file to play system time is changed into elapsed time for files instead of displaying separately, thus it optimizes performance.
  • Pause and play buttons are provided users can able to pause and resume files by left clicking on the player.
  • KMPlayer gives very simple options to modify settings of equalizer, Playlist Editor, Shuffle and looping operations.

Supports wide range of file types

  • KMPlayer plays each and every media files that I given to it. KMPlayer has essential CODECS for media playback, it includes all the essential decoders required inbuilt.
  • Additionally KMPlayer also supports third party CODECS, that CODECS doesn’t need to register like other players want but KMPlayer no need for installation of CODECS. Installing KMP doesn’t affect your system performance.

DVD/VCD playback

  • KMPlayer got excellent feedback for playback of DVD/VCD. It has various audio and video effects, control speed of playback and applying external filters.
  • KMPlayer has strong option for A-B option to play and loop videos.KMPlayer has a control over dynamically changing the skin depending on media type playing.

Advantages over other Players

  • KMPlayer able to play damaged files by repairing compressed video/audio.
  • It has function to access online Live URL broadcasting. It provides with simple interface with good picture quality and playback
  • KMplayer is one of globally used so there it is supports worldwide multi languages.
  • Apart default filters KMPlayer allows user to create filters and to apply on media files playing.

 Frame Capture and Frame Forward Feature

  • KMPlayer has advanced pause/play/rewind buttons to take effects frame by frame on media file playing.
  • It can be combined with streaming TV and it is compatible with High Definition Tele Vision(HDTV) videos

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7
  • Ram: 512 MB and above 1GB recommended

You can download it at

Free Download KMPlayer Music Player for Play, Equalize, Shuffle, Loop

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