Playing Ancient City Game with Assassin’s Creed for Windows PC

Have you heard of the games which take you to the historical cities of ancient world, where the Gladiators and other such brave hearts fought off against themselves as well as against the evil too? Then you must love to play the Assassins series of games.

The latest release in this series of games the Assassins Creed: Revelations reveals the city of Constantinople as it was in the 16th century. The city is designed in a fascinating way and with the detailed descriptions of the whole city as well as the programmers and the game developers has developed the game which suits every aspects of the 16th century world.

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There is the grandeur as well as the heroism in the nature of the characters of the game provide a whole new approach to the game and the whole series of the Assassins. But the game does have a few positive as well as negative aspects in it. The game developers have taken away a few of the fascinating things from the latest version and as well as provided a few new ones in it too.

Like they have taken away the feature of the horses, which were available in the last version of the present game, and in place have provided those bombs and bomb crafting features in this version. Let’s have a better look at this game and its game play in the next few lines

  • The story is no more the only story of the character from the previous games, Ezio. Now it also involves the character Desmond and his development into an assassin.
  • But the problem is that the whole feature of the character, Desmond, has been changes. The face looks different from the one seen in the last version
  • The features are more of a kind of masculine, which was not like that in the Assassin series games that released earlier.
  • The character is in his journey of unlocking those secrets from their hidden places, which could save the world from its upcoming doom and peril. And this is the main aim and motto of the game as well as the character of Desmond.
  • But the narrative has been weak in this game, which was one of the main attractions of the Assassins game since the beginning.
  • The whole story ends with the players thinking in their minds about what’s going to come next.

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Free Download Assassin’s Creed Game for Windows XP, Vista and 7

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