Powerful Action Gaming with Deadspace 2 for iPhone and iPad

This game is the sequel of the famous Deadspace game, which hit the gaming world years ago. The game is very much popular after its release. The sequel is also gaining its pace with the gaming people and the application is getting more popular as the company as released its version of the game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

This facility of the game has given the gaming world more options to exploit it. Plus there are options available fro the Windows, Xbox and PSP. The Deadspace is a combat game and continues its journey from where it left in the first version of it.

Free Download Deadspace 2 Action Game for iPhone and iPad

The game involves a new inclusion of multiplayer option for the game. This was not available in the first part of it. It is a third person shooter game. The protagonist of the game is named Isaac, whom the gamer controls from a third person point of view.

The limitation of the game is that it doesn’t provide any kind of HUD, which is available in most of the games. The player’s health and other such options are available on the back of the character, Isaac. The game involves Isaac fighting the alien organisms which infects and takes the control over the human corpses and turning them to the ‘Necromorphs’.

The interesting element of the game play is that the player may upgrade his weapon and also his armor at the work benches with the help of the power nodes that are available through out the game.

The game offers five difficulty levels namely Casual, Normal, Survivalist, Zealot and Hard Core with the hardcore one being the most difficult level of the game. The availability of the five different game levels allows a better option for the player to play the game.

The hardcore game level is unlocked once you have completed at least one difficulty level of the game. Before that it remains inaccessible. This difficulty level has to be started from the beginning of the game and the player has the opportunity of saving his life just three times in the whole game.

The availability of ammunitions, heath supplies and other such things are rare to find, this level needs high gaming prowess to be completed. The Multiplayer mode of the game pits two teams of players against each other, thus creating a team battle.

The game could only be won by the team which has the most team friendly members and those who are not looking for personal glory. Download it at

Free Download Deadspace 2 Game for iPhone and iPad

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