Prince of Persia Warrior Within for Windows 7 and Windows XP

The 2008 version of the original game of Prince of Persia produced by Jordan Mechner is totally changed in the newest sequel of the game, with the characters as well as plots varying a lot in the newer version. The story is also not the same and doesn’t follow the original one, except at sometime where it follows the elements of the Sands of Time.

The graphic detailing which has been added to the new game has made it more attractive, though the look of the dear prince of all the gamers has changed totally. The physique of the prince is now much more muscular than the original athletic body he donned in the original version of the game. Sadly speaking, this prince of the new version of the game looks nothing but like a vagabond than anything else.

Prince of Persia Warrior Within for Windows 7 and XP
In any other game else than the Prince of Persia the main attention or motif is to kill people. But in this game the theme was to resurrect people. By this single quality, the game has a constructive outlook rather than those destructive attitudes of other games. But unlike the previous version this new version is much simpler to play with much larger number of tele-porters involved in the game. So easy it has become, that anyone can finish the game at a stretch of 12 hours of game-play.

  • The Prince of Persia is not at all a poor game, if you think so by reading those negative qualities. Rather it is one of the most loved games of all time, with its visual stunning performance as well as engrossing attitude of the game. But to enjoy the full game, you have to leave aside the previous prince of the early version of the game. The new avatar of the ‘nameless’ prince will be enjoyable to those who haven’t played the previous version of the game.
  • The unique thing about the new version is the character of Elika who is not just a sidekick character, as often thought, but rather she is also a playable character in the game. She is just a parallel character with the prince, if the prince jumps or leaps Elika will do the same. And if the Prince happens to fall, she will pull him up by lending her hand to him.

The interest in the game was seen in the earlier version, and so it was decided to release the new version of the game in the year 2008. But after so many days the game is still popular and is heavily downloaded from the net. You can download it at

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