Quality Chatting and Video Talk with Mobile Skype Android App

Missing your loved ones and miles away from a PC? Thinking to have a Video Chat? Have a PC but not a Web Cam. Then those times are history when you go to a Cyber Café and pay bills and make a Video Chat.

Now Skype Android App is capable of making Video Chat right from your Smart Phones. All you need to have a Skype account and this Skype Android App installed in your Smart Phone.

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Let us see the Features and Tools Skype Android App provides for the users.

Features of Skype Android App

  • Capable of making Quality and clear Video Chats.
  • But the only con in this App is that it works only for those devices which are equipped with Front Face Cameras.
  • And most of the Front Face Camera Phones come with Android 2.3 and higher levels.
  • Setting up of Skype is an easy Task.
  • But the Android 2.2 Version Phones even have a Front Facing Camera they will not be able to make Video calls but they can by using the back camera of the Phone this is the con what I was discussing about.
  • So before installing and making use of this then make sure your Phone is Android 2.3 and above Version.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed this App. It will prompt user for Log in or Create an Account if any user doesn’t have one.
  • Creating account takes only a few second and user can start using this App.
  • Once Logged in this App provides various user screen Options such as Profile, contacts etc.
  • Skype Android App enables you to add your friends and families contacts by Searching over the Search tab using names and Email contacts stored over the net.
  • The Video calling quality using this App has a very clear and sounding with digital technology.
  • And one thing about this Skype Android App is that Video calls are only possible when screen is Horizontally kept.
  • Skype Android App enables the user to do more than Video Call by Enhancing its Calling Quality Features and various other Options.
  • Skype Android App is used all around the World and user Feedback’s are really good.

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  • An Android OS enabled Phone.
  • A Secondary Front Face Camera.
  • Allow Network Access.

Download this App from the official website at

Free Download Mobile Skype Android App for Chatting Video Talk

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