Racing Gaming in Universe with Planet Racer for Windows PC

Racing games once again in the slots available for the players. This one though is a bit different from the usual racing games that are available over the internet and other places. This is a game which the player would love not only to play but to see also as the 3D graphics makes the game a more of a spectacular one.

The graphics is not the only attraction of the game. Rather the game itself is one of the main reasons of its attraction. The players find many things to do in this game, which is also a paid game, where the player has to play the amount of $10.99 to the company which developed the game, aka the Cronotech, and will be able to play the game.

Free Download Universe Planet Racer Game for Windows XP and 7

The game is one of the alien gaming, though not the direct ones. The game is to be played by the gamer, where the gamer has to play or fly the spa craft that has been provided by the game to the players.

The game has the ability to attract the gamer to the game by its high pace and the adrenaline rush that is made available to the gamer. The game has a rather high pace in itself in comparison to the regular alien games. But this is where it is different from these alien games.

There are a very few games which combines the alien gaming with the racing games. Te games are available over the internet and also in the racks of the gaming shops as well as other shops near you. Just buy the game and download it and go on playing or rather driving your dream space craft.

  • The three way graphics quality provides the gamers with the option to play the different varieties of the game play. If your device doesn’t support the high quality of the graphics detailing, the gamer have always got the option to play the game in the low graphics. The low graphics always provides the easier game play for those low level devices.
  • There are those 12 different planets that needs to be explored by the player to have the game complete.
  • These 2 planets offer 12 different levels of game play that is to say that they offer the player with the variety in the game play.

Go on, fly your space craft and fend those enemies by downloading the game from

Free Download Universe Planet Racer Game for Windows XP and 7

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