Racing Gaming with Asphalt 5 HD Android Mobile App

I’m sure many of you must have had awesome racing game experience on your PC. But what if the same gaming experience you can have right on you’re Android Smart Phone? Well don’t just imagine because its here the amazing racing game ever in the history of mobile games the so called Asphalt 5 HD App for Android Mobile Phones. This game is not usual like other game because it is in High Definition quality. 

Let us see the Features of Asphalt 5 HD App for Android Mobile Phones provides for the users.

Asphalt 5 HD Game Android Mobile App Free Download

Features of Asphalt 5 HD

  • Asphalt 5 HD App for Android Mobile Phones is fully featured game app with crisp and clear display and gaming experience in HD.
  • It has all the popular cars and motor bikes to race on like Ferrari, Audi, Ducati, Nissan etc.
  • Just download and install this game on your Smart Phone and have a racing blast.
  • As soon as you start this game all the stages will be locked and you will be given a decent racing car to earn more points and unlock the locked stages.
  • Once you start driving you have to perform several drifts and some take downs of other cars to have boost and earn more points.
  • Asphalt 5 HD App for Android Mobile Phones has many popular racing tracks such as New York, Los Angeles, Japan, and Rome etc.
  • There are many modes of play like Cop chase, Dual mode, Beat ‘Em All and Race.
  • In Cop Chase you will be given a cop car with all the lights and siren on it and full boost tank and your task is to bust the gang leader. But makes sure you don’t take down any other car else you will loose your points.
  • You can even choose your favorite bike to race against all the odds.
  • In dual mode user will have to compete against a bot car and beat him in the race to gain more points and unlock several other stages along with the game ladies.
  • In Beat ‘Em All mode users need to take down as many cars as possible in order to earn more points. It doesn’t matter whether you come first or not but earning points does. 

Download this Asphalt 5 HD App for Android Mobile Phones From the following official link

Asphalt 5 HD Game Android Mobile App Free Download

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