Remote Accessing with LogMeIn Ignition Android App

How amazing it will be when you can have access of your PC through an Android device. Yes it is possible through recently introduced Android App and the Operational is called as Remote Access. The process takes control form your Android Device through LogMeIn Ignition Android App.

Let us see some of the striking features of this LogMeIn Ignition Android App in detail

Free Download LogMeIn Ignition Android App for Mobile Phones


  • This App doesn’t even provide access to your PC but as well as for Tablets too Which is a recently introduced concept.
  • There are many other Apps for Remote Accessing but LogMeIn Ignition Android App provides the best user experience and works well with all sorts of Android Phones.
  • It provides control over the audio and video streaming through this App.
  • It is Cheaper than the other Remote Accessing Apps which other sellers also provide with same Configurations and Features.

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How to Install

Well this App is available from its official Web Site of which the Link is given at the end of the article so that the users can make use of it. You can download it from several other sites too.

When the Installation process begins it will prompt the user for the details.The details may be asking permissions for modifying the SD Card, allow access to the Internet, network states etc. you need to Allow the Permissions very carefully or else you may end up with Installation Failure.

Setting Up

As soon as App gets Installed it will prompt you for the user Login ID. If you have one then no issue else create a new ID over the Site in just few clicks. Now comes the main step you have to download the Software to the Host PC on which you are going to get Remote Access. It works fine for Windows 7 and other Operating Systems such as XP and Vista.

Next step is to add the PC to the LogMeIn Account. By entering the same user name and Password on both the Host machines you will be able to have Remote Access.


When you are connected through this App then you can see the connected PC’s details such as machine names etc. Enter the machines login details and you are now free to access the PC. You can Modify files and take control of the PC from anywhere. But make sure your PC or Device is turned on.

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Download this App from Android Market

Free Download LogMeIn Ignition Android App for Mobile Phones

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