Replace any Icons with any Images with Exe Icon Changer

Icons are the way to describe files identity, a files look is the way it keeps and make you analyze of what that file look-alike means actually. Icons are inbuilt with software, and when you install it on your system, in the desktop with the file represented through a way of icon.

The icons are of small figurative display within the screen and you can have a name of file or software you have loaded upon. You have other files which are of extension .EXE and .DLL, those also have small icons within the folder, and those are just a clue pic to as a icon form. The way of changing icons and making an iconic glare in your folders, usage of Exe Icon Changer is a better way to for placing an icon.

Features of Exe Icon Changer

Exe Icon Changer to Replace Icons with Images icons

  • Changes icons drastically as you call upon ore recommend change of icon of one or any software.
  • Optimization of development of a icon can be done with the help of its tools and representation of any format can be done with it.
  • It almost runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Vista.
  • It analyses or even suggests the way of clip-art iconic figures even, and makes you have extension icons through the clip-art norm forms.
  • Analyse and encrypt icons development in a easy manner.

The way of icon are different in texture, so when you call upon this Exe Icon Changer runner, it runs and asks you which type of extensions icons you want to be configured and used upon on to else.

Suppose there is a icon already present for files which are not in a proper textured created, then this software when asks you which icons need a change, you can optimize the tool, make search the tool which can create a replacement, create a configurative small or large icon according to the size you mention, after creation it asks do you would like to mount upon the present icon and change the icon.

The icon can be replaced and once replaced you cannot recover default icons, but these icon are of textured and setup manually by you itself on to the software.

The extension icons can similarly create and configured upon the previous icons. Sizes and textures option are inside the Exe Icon Exchanger, you can create iconic figures on through it in ease. You can download this software from the given link beneath as follows:

Exe Icon Changer to Replace Icons with Images icons

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