Reviews of the Best Free VPN Service – Top 10 VPN Client

VPN is nothing but virtual private network that interconnects remote network. These VPN provides service using tunneling protocol and provides security by encrypting the network. This article shows the top 5 VPN clients and services.

1. SecurityKiss

SecurityKiss is software which provides you with tunneling service with complete privacy and security. It hides your identity by hiding your IP address and giving you a different IP address. You have the option of choosing your server by yourself of your choice and this VPN supports all types of OS. But the limitation is there is only limited traffic for free version and the limit is imposed on volume of traffic per day.

2. Macro VPN

Just like securityKiss this VPn also provides you with same features and services. This VPN has around around 19 servers in 8 countries and is supported by of OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols. The services is completely secured, reliable and efficient.

Reviews of the Best Free VPN Service - Top 10 VPN Client

3. TorVPN

TorVPN hides your identity and encrypts their network activity. It runs on almost every platform which support openVPN including Mac OS X, Linux, IOS and Android. This service is available as free VPN up to 1 GB and the plan starts from 5 GB usage at the rate $3.95 and goes on till 100 GB for $40. The customer who opts for plan can have more up to 2 accounts in TorVPN.


USA IP VPN is a stable and secure web service available. It offers you anonymous web surfing with a real USA based IP address and hides your own address. Any VPN client can create more than one service account ranging from daily to yearly terms. One of the drawbacks to mention is if you go for free VPN trail pack then it drops every 7 minutes. But on the other hand you will always have no restriction on bandwidth and provides absolute privacy.

5. Your-Freedom

This App is based on java and provides you with sophisticated tunneling solutions and proxy services. The free service will allow you to use it for 6 hours a day otherwise to make more use of this service you can opt for metered service too and make payments easily using credit cards. This App has a big advantage of being able to access inaccessible web pages, it protects your entire web surfing session.

6. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot is popular worldwide for its services. This software was already available on iPhones but users had to manually set it up. But now it is easy to use as AnchorFree has launched a native app which offers private browsing. A feature to mention about this service is it has free 10GB File Storage in Cloud. This hotspot shield is most useful when you are using a public WiFi or any other unsecured network as it provides you with a protected gateway, keeping your passwords and private data secure.

7. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a free version tool of Simon Tools CyberGhost. It is simple, straightforward and extremely fast. It also provides you with high speed server. But when it comes to drawback it has a limitation on bandwidth which is up to 2 GB. It also contains forced disconnect. It protects all your sensitive data like password, credit card numbers properly.

8. UltraVPN

Ultra VPN is French VPN client, it hides your connection and allows you to use blocked application. The service available for free, once you log-in, you will be provided with the log-in username and password. That’s all you need to do, as the program will automatically connect and assign you a new, anonymous IP address. To be described this VPN is fully-fledged open source SSL VPN solution which can accommodate wide range of configurations.

9. Open VPN

This VPN is an outsource software application that is used in working of virtual private networks. The architecture of this VPN consists of encryption, Authentication, networking, security and extensibility. This VPN software can be downloaded for free and can be upgraded and maintained by an Internet open source community. This software comes with an improvement with every release of its version.

10. PacketiX.NET

This VPN is a Japanese commercial VPN service. This service provides you with complete Flexibility, Security, Stability and Scalability. It also supports the encryption of communication packets, server authentication, user authentication using password or hardware token and many more. You can use the test version of this VPN completely free.

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  1. Kane William
    January 16, 2013 at 7:48 am #

    From the above given 10 VPN I always use Hotspot Shield VPN. It is Free, easy to use and it allows you to access your favorite sites no matter where you live.

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