SafeGuard and Secure Files on Disk and Drive with Folder Lock

Many users wish if they can lock their important files and folder so that they can protect it from the other users in a shared PC. So the wish has come true because all these Features are provided by the Folder Lock Software Tool.

This tool not even locks your files and folders but also USB devices and even CD drives for user security. By this tool user can easily manage and secure his/her personal data.

Free Download SafeGuard Secure Files on Disk Drive with Folder Lock

Features of Folder Lock

  • When the user first time starts this tool then this Folder Lock tool prompts the user to set password to access.
  • With Folder Lock users can easily lock their files, folders and even derives.
  • Folder Lock is user friendly and can lock multiples files and data at the same time.
  • You can lock any file or folder just by right clicking on it instead of starting the tool and login in.
  • You can even drag and drop the files and folder onto the desktop icon of the Folder Lock tool which really eases out the task of the users.
  • With Folder Lock it also possible to password protects USB devices, floppy drives, CD drives and plug and play devices.
  • Now the user will not have to worry about the data security on his/her USB device as it is locked now.
  • When the USB device is plugged into an unknown PC then it prompts the user for password.
  • It has several advanced options to choose from.
  • The advanced options include
                  1. Erase PC Tracks
                  2. Automatic Operation
                  3. Stealth Mode
                  4. Shred Files
                  5. Hacker Attempts.
  • First option allow user to erase resent document history from the user PC.
  • Second option provides Auto Lock feature which automatically locks files base on timer.
  • Third option provides hiding form desktop, quick launch and add or remove options.
  • Fourth option provides shredding of files based on the encryption done.
  • Fifth option provides a feature which allows abruptly locking or shutting down PC when more than 3 login attempts are made wrong.

System Requirements of Folder Lock

  • Operating System:  Microsoft windows XP, vista, 7
  • Ram: 512 MB and higher versions
  • Processor: Pentium4 and later on processor models
  • Space required: 90 Megabytes of free disk space on your hard drive

Download this Software Tool for Windows PC from the following link

Free Download SafeGuard Secure Files on Disk Drive with Folder Lock

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