Safety of Children with Nearparent Android App for Mobile

In this Modern World almost every one owns Mobile Phone even children. So most of the parents fear of their children getting lost in new places or in crowded public places. There are some means that they may find their lost children by enquiring from face to face of the people.

But it doesn’t prove to be worthy If the child had been kidnapped or got into another unknown trouble. But leave all these worries to the latest Nearparent Android App which helps to keep track of your child all the time. All you need to do is just install this App in your child’s Mobile Phone and leave the rest on this amazing Nearparent Android App. 

Free Download Children Safety Nearparent Android App for Mobile

Let us see the Features and Tools Nearparent Android App provides for the users. 


  • Nearparent Android App is almost like a virtual parent or a child care taker all the time in the absence of the parents.
  • It is the most reliable App that every parent is looking for the safety of their children.
  •  Download this Nearparent Android App in your children’s Smart Phone and install it.
  • After the App is installed provide the family settings in which user can specify the ring to go in case when a child is lost.
  • But if the child is lost then to whom should the ring go?
  • Nearparent Android App has all the options in which many family members details are stored.
  • This App uses the GPS navigation system to locate the exact location of the child.
  • While the Settings in Nearparent Android App enable the user to specify the parents number integration so that they can be reached when child is lost.
  • As the name itself implies Nearparent Android App in case child alarms the ring when lost the nearest parent in the GPS Navigation system gets alarmed and can recover the lost child easily.
  • So Nearparent Android App is considered the best guardian for the children.
  • Nearparent Android App is making its foundation more stronger in the Android market by reducing the unnecessary worries of the Parents who fears loosing their children in such places.
  • Nearparent Android App is fully Featured and provides various user support. 

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Free Download Children Safety Nearparent Android App for Mobile

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