Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Microsoft Surface Tablet: Comparison

Samsung era is going on with Smartphone and touchpad have opened lot of best Gadget in the digital world. Recently Samsung galaxy III had market booming with attracting lots of customer. Serious war is going on in market of Tablets in top company like Samsung, Apple and Microsoft. Every company want customer to buy its own company product. Lots of new features, Application and hardware upgrade have seen in Tablet Gadget.

As you know very well Microsoft has announced new Tablet in market. Tablets are with two different processor based, one is running based on Intel processor and another with ARM chip, both runs on Windows 8 OS. But Samsung Galaxy will be preferred more since due to lots of sale because of low in price. That’s only factors of Samsung attracting customer. Let’s see some of comparison of Samsung Galaxy Tab and Microsoft Surface Tablet in feature, looks, Application and hardware.

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Microsoft Surface Tablet: Comparison

Form Factor

Form factor is nothing but outer look of Tablet which is compared with other Gadget. Here comparison of Samsung Galaxy tab vs. Microsoft Surface Tablet is done. After looking to hardware and outer cover of both device, Microsoft has best protective screen ever any Tablet had. Microsoft Surface Tablet comes with physical keyboard since some people find difficult to type on touch pad. Best thing about this Tablet is that it acts as both laptop as well as Tablet.

Display Screen

Screen is first look by most of the customers that by which will be attracted. Microsoft is going to launch both Tablets with 10.6 Inch with high definition. And Samsung galaxy is with resolution of 1280 X 800 and with 9.7 Inch screen. Well Microsoft has made its Gadget to work as both Ultra book and Tablet. Microsoft Surface screen is being larger one which has made easy, readable words without zooming.


Surface Tablet is made with best designed ARM and Intel based Chipsets. As both version of Chipset vary little bit as Surface RT has unique designed ARM chipset, and another Tablet called Surface PRO is well equipped with Intel Mobile Processor Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chipset. Still lot more about hardware is yet to release from Microsoft. Samsung’s Tab is designed with a dual core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor. Meanwhile Samsung has yet to launch a new version of quad core for flagship Android tablet.


As we had already discussed that Microsoft Surface Tablet will be running on Windows 8 OS. Since this processor are well equipped to run on ARM- based surface RT. As this Processor are made to run on Windows 8, if any data want to run on Laptop, Computer and servers it is easy to run and work on it. You might know the Samsung Galaxy Tablets runs on Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich. This operating system is just Smartphone operator so they are not comparatively used to change to laptop or PC level. But Windows 8 is one of best feature in Surface Tablet.


Camera is one of feature that is not yet reveled from Microsoft. But if you imagine about camera in Large Tablet, Of course you can put this hardware in front side rather than putting in rear one. The Galaxy Tablet about camera feature, it has beautiful 3.15-megapixel rear camera, along with you can shoot 1080p HD videos. And you know it already Samsung tablet has front camera for video calling, video conference and much.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is one of the feature customer are looking for it in the market. Since storage makes people to save their large video, audio and even files and document. Microsoft Surface Tablet has largest storage area of 128 GB. As we compare this feature with Samsung Galaxy Tablet it has maximum storage of 64GB only. But users prefer for larger one, after release of Surface most Samsung customer might turn on to Surface Tablet.

Samsung’s Experience Is Getting Older

Digital world is growing everyday and new kind of Gadgets are attracting customer with their new application, feature and aesthetics of hardware. So users will be looking for new Gadget in this arena. So there are chances of losing fans of Samsung and move towards Surface Tablet. There is lots of improvement in this Gadget from hardware to software, compatibility to comfort. This Surface tablet is just going to Boom into this amazing digital world.

Overall Design is Top-Notch

Overall feature comparison has already been made in this article. As you look on to Microsoft Windows Surface Tablet has best and superb feature than Samsung Galaxy Tablet. But still changing customers diversion from Galaxy to Surface is looking little difficult. Since both have some of unique feature which are not comparable to each other.

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