Search and Play Music Effortlessly Using SoundHound Android App

When you have lot of songs in your track list and you find it difficult to list out or find out song from very big list. To make your search comfortable, here is an Android Apps called SoundHound with many features called speak, sing, hum, type, or record a song for the music identification.

Just now you heard some good songs played by your friend and you’re eager to hear once more on your phone. SoundHound has proprietary voice recognition technology, which is simply called “Hound.” Hound means a voice search app which means you can search songs by voice. So let us see some of the features and tools SoundHound Android Apps provides for various users.

SoundHound Search Play Music Songs Android App

Features of SoundHound

  • The main feature of this Mobile Apps is, it has world’s fastest music recognition which plays tune from speaker as fast as less than four seconds.
  • Another striking feature of this Mobile Apps is, it has only software in the world which has viable singing and humming recognition, after finding song it plays in just few seconds without interrupting.
  • With this Mobile Tools you can even record audio, as both purpose like both music and voice search then you can even set audio settings to your optimum level.
  • This Mobile Tools is fully equipped with full internet access system and even with high profile GPS location system which can enhance results where search took place.
  • SoundHound Mobile Apps has online feature to search your songs from links like online music store and play in your music media.
  • This Mobile Tools can modify or delete USB content and even SD card contents, even you have vibrator tool to notify when search results will be ready.

SoundHound was the first Mobile Apps that allowed users to search for a song, play in Pandora station, recognizing lyrics, YouTube videos, download ringtones, similar artists, geo-tag gable search location, share buttons and a link to iTunes. This Android has a feature called view network state to detect internet.

One of the drawbacks of this feature is that when you download free version you can’t enjoy features, like it limits number of songs, hummed or recorded song ID to five per month. So folks search and play music effortlessly using SoundHound Android App. You can download this SoundHound Android Apps from the following link

SoundHound Search Play Music Songs Android App

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