Search Cafe, Hotels and Restaurants with London Free WiFi iPhone App

London Olympics 2012 is just few weeks away to get started. If you are planning for a trip for Olympics 2012 and going to visit the London city for the first time then you could face hard time finding hotels, restaurants and any other place that you could possibly think of.

Well not anymore because Olympics 2012 Free WiFi iPhone Apps enables you to locate café, hotels and restaurants with a free WiFi hotspot. For this all you need to have an Android Smartphone with at least Android 2.3 or above to get all the benefits of this App. So let us see some of the Features and Tools this App provides for various users.

Features of London Free WiFi iPhone App

London Free WiFi Search Cafe, Hotels, Restaurants iPhone App

  • The best thing with this App is that it can provide you the necessary searching of the places even offline as it is filled with pre info about all the café, restaurants and other such places so that you could find them without spending money on data cind them without spenc about all the cafe, searching of the places.
  • With this App you can list all the café and restaurants that are near to your current location.
  • You can even search for café and restaurants by providing the ZIP code of the place that you are at currently.
  • The main striking Feature of this App is that you get free WiFi Internet access for your iPhone, iPod or any other Apple product.
  • If you are running on a slow Internet connection on your Smartphone then with the help of this App you can easily find a WiFi spots.

If you are worried that what if you will be charged for roaming charges when you go abroad for different places then no need to do so because there are no roaming charges for this App on the usage of Internet. With your GPS location finding any place like a café is very easy using the feature so called WiFi hotspot.

If your phone doesn’t have any GPS connection then too you can find all the necessary places that you are looking for all thanks to the pre loaded info for all the places with maps being provided to ease out the tasks of the users. It is very reliable App and very efficient to use for by giving superior user friendly functions. You can download this App from the following official download link given below.

London Free WiFi Search Cafe, Hotels, Restaurants iPhone App

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