Shipping Treasure Island Gaming Experience with Harbor Master for iPhone and iPad

Harbor Master gives you a fantastic level called Treasure Island which contains six docks and ten cargo types. The game turns hectic very fast; hence you should play it along with a friend. Your work is basically of a harbor master, who has to direct boats into and out from a busy harbor, watch them unload their cargo and direct them outward from where they came from.

But you have to be careful that the boats do not crash. If you get bored with the same harbors and need different maps to master then you get that option along with free map downloads in the option together with the package. The different maps are Cargo city, Pirate passage, Bermuda Triangle and Kraken Atoll. All of them are equally fun to work out on.

Free Download with Harbor Master Game for iPhone and iPad

The key features are

  • You get a great and beautiful new map to play in.
  • New maps available for practice.
  • Multi touch support, so that you could also play along with a friend.
  • Additional bugs have been fixed in the newer version which is just out for iPad.
  • Some crashing bugs have also been fixed.
  • Support has been added for both the landscape orientations and hence you find it more interactive and easier to use.
  • It offers you all the information that you require about the game and you can also download the game for free from their website.
  •  You can also get the different versions of the game and can also look for updates with time. It is a very interactive site and is completely trustworthy and authentic

It is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 3 .2 or higher versions.
You are sure to fall for it at the first look. With realistic features and great game play, improved graphics, great sound tracks and life like gaming experience, Harbor Master is sure to capture your heart no matter what.

You do not need to be a great chess player to like the game, all you need to do, is like the game and play with your heart. It is a newly launched game and is making progress everyday with new players and new features so keep in touch everyday to understand the new features.

It was a winning series in the iPhone and it is back to rule the ipad market as well. Join the world of Harbor Master today. You can download this game from the following download link

Free Download Harbor Master Game for iPhone and iPad

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