Siglos Karaoke Professional Player/Recorder for karaoke show Software

Siglos Karaoke Professional will provide you with the features which will help you in many ways and you can happily stop carrying hundreds of disc with you. People who likes improving their skills can use this Karaoke without any hesitation, this karaoke comes with two screen display with preview window running will make your time pleasing and many advanced features which will provide with better Lyrics viewing.

The database storage of the songs is too good, there is excess of space to store thousands of songs and the result for your choice of Songs will be provided in milli-seconds. There is an Singer Rotation Management through which you can create a play list and can add any number of songs to your list anytime. Siglos uses high quality karaoke Software which replaces the solid background with images, Videos, or live camera source.

Siglos Karaoke Professional Player/Recorder for karaoke show

This karaoke allows you to Play Songs in various format like MP3G, ZIP, BIN, MIDI Karaoke (MID and KAR), KMA, and MCG including Video formats – AVI and MPEG. You will be provided with an option named Singer history which will contain list of regularly played songs hence it saves you search time by directly providing a cut-shorted list. Selecting a Singer name form the history list will fill the Play-list from the Songs sung by this Singer.

You will never have to Switch to Player when no Song is going. The Fill-in-Playlist will automatically fade when a Song is getting over and switch on to next Song. The unwanted empty space occupied by some Songs which has silence in the beginning and ending of song will be automatically removed by the song silence detector.

This Karaoke Software has an external screen support that is if your computer Supports dual screen then the program window is displayed on your laptop screen, and the karaoke Lyrics on the external TV screen. The search can be carried in different ways using different items like Singer name, Lyrics etc. you can use global filter and perform Search with text that matches Artist name, Song title, and disc ID, or search each of the fields separately.

You are also provided with the facility of exporting Songs from database like CSV or XML file. This Windows Tools provide you with a trial version which can be downloaded for free and then if you feel lively and pleased then you can go further to buy this karaoke Software. You can download this software at

Siglos Karaoke Professional Player/Recorder for karaoke show

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