Sleep Soundly with Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock Android App

Today in this stressful world getting sleep in night is not been so easy. So people are trying some or other way to find sound sleep.  To have sound sleep you need to get your stress away from your mind and be relaxed. Before going to bed listen to some kind of melodious music. So that you can get break less sleep in night and morning you get up with happy mood.

Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock Android Apps will solve your all sleeping and stress problems after listening to melodious tones from this Mobile Apps. In this App you have many kinds of sound loops with different kinds of effects for your mind. So let us see some of the features and tools Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock Android Apps provides for various users

Features of Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock

Sleep Soundly with Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock Android App

  • This Mobile Apps has more than 300 sound samples and loops prepared with awesome engineering, made only for Lightning Bug, those tones are melodious and after hearing them your mind gets relax.
  • By using Soothing grounds in this Mobile Tools, sound visualizing can easily be controlled with various sound volumes and you can hear pleasant melody.
  • This Mobile Tools is well equipped with plug-in-mode for including very high quality new content and you can even control each sample sound’s playback frequency.
  • If you wish to enjoy all features you need to download all kinds of Plug-ins but currently this Mobile Apps is offering few Plug-ins only.
  • Other features of this Mobile Tools are digital clock, customize font, color, screen size, even you have alarm clock with customizable snooze.
  • There are various kinds of version for operating system like Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread in phone to see this Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock.

This Android Apps is very simple tool with many kinds of tones, like samples ranging from natural piece of rain storms, ocean waves, pure white noise, city trains, and meditation bells, acoustic and electronic instruments and with down-tempo break beats.

Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock is most famous Android Apps from health Apps in Android market. This Mobile Apps is with many soothing backgrounds and with sound visualization. This App is stylish, digital clock with alarm, a great replacement for your bedside alarm clock. You can download this Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock Android Apps from the following link

Sleep Soundly with Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock Android App

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