Social Web Browser with Skyfire Web Browser 4.0 for Android

Have you got bored with the same old browsers to check out mails and other documents with low speed? Its Never had been so much interesting while browsing. So here comes the Android Apps for browsing web which is richer, smarter and exclusive with more fun. Skyfire Web Browser is well made with different version of software for browsing it.

Skyfire Web Browser is an Android Apps with the ultimate social web browser available on the market. The good thing about this Mobile Apps is that it is offering browser that can recognize to surf pages that have flash videos. So let us see some of the features and tools of Skyfire Web Browser Android Apps provides for various users.

Features of Skyfire Web Browser

Skyfire Web Browser 4.0 Social Web Browser Apps for Android

  • Skyfire Web Browser Mobile Apps has feature called flash video, using which flash videos are converted into HTML 5 format to get easily played on Skyfire Web Browser
  • Just by one click on Facebook Quick View Mobile Tools, Facebook page will be loaded in a moment where you can browse news feed, profile, friends, inbox, events and places.
  • Skyfire Web Browser has another Mobile Tools called Popular Pages where your popular visiting page will be stored; you can easily access your top list of pages in moment.
  • When you browse Facebook page in your mobile it becomes little sophisticated to click on like button, so to make easy Skyfire Web Browser has included like button in it so that you don’t have to search for it.
  • Skyfire Web Browser has one good Mobile Tools where you can search your videos or photos from Google, Facebook, Video Surf, Twitter and much more.

Skyfire Web Browser Android Apps has many great features where in some Apps you won’t find it. Here you can play flash video by automatic converting it into HTML5 format easily. This Mobile Apps has other Mobile Tools like fireplace feed reader where some page will be filtered and stored in bookmark format which can easily be accessed.

Skyfire Web Browser has a good option called Related Idea which is used to pick a topic and explore search results with new topic including Facebook, Video Surf and many other Search Engines. Skyfire Web Browser is awesome and fully featured browser which provides all user needs without any interrupted service. You can download Skyfire Web Browser Android Apps from the following link

Skyfire Web Browser 4.0 Social Web Browser Apps for Android

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