Sparkleshare – Self Hosted Automatic Dropbox Alternative Tool

Dropbox not being an open-source service, Sparkleshare is the solution for those who are facing it. Sparkleshare sets up a local folder which is automatically Synchronized similar to Dropbox, though not in the cloud. Since it is not in the cloud service, you and your friends / co-workers can set up connection to each others share. There is no worry about the monthly fees, since you yourself will be hosting your own server. The Linux version was released first, followed by Mac and windows version.

In recent months, there have been a few problems and concerns regarding Dropbox, which is making some people, feel uncomfortable about using it and are seeking for a Dropbox Alternative. Yeah, there are plenty of online storage services, but it seems that there is absolutely no service that can compete with the Dropbox benefits, namely the File Synchronization. Now, people have got a Dropbox Alternative, with all similar features and benefits called Sparkleshare.

Sparkleshare - Self Hosted Automatic Dropbox Alternative Tool

Sparkleshare is an Open Source File Synchronization Dropbox Alternative. It is nor a website either it is not a cloud service, but rather a service that you can yourself deploy to your own hosting and to create your own Synchronization setup. You can have complete control over your own data at all times as you can choose where it have to store your data, and which systems you need to Synchronize with and you never have to rely on a third-party service.

The downloading and uploading of files is faster than Dropbox because files are directly going to recipient’s computer, rather than going to cloud and then to recipient. Sparkleshare can e used with the hosting of Github and Gitorious, which are project hosting solution that provides free space on cloud if you work on free and open source software project.

Note: Using these 2 services, all your Synchronized files will be public. GIT system is the backbone of the Sparkleshare. For those people who don’t know, GIT is a great file version tracking and repository service. If you delete/modify some files by accident, you can easily and quickly revert he changes and get all your lost files.

Many different projects (especially Open Source) use GIT system to control the progress of code within more recently modified files. Sparkleshare os Eventally a Completely Cross-Platform. Many versions are out in the market like Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

Sparkleshare Installation

Windows users eventually got an easy-to-use installer, Mac installer is also easy and convenient whereas for Linux Users it bit complicated, but it is not much of problem.

Sparkleshare Conclusion

SparkleShare is also Open Source and is a cross platform. Many versions are out in the market. It’s sure it is an interesting Dropbox Alternative and may be more useful in long run.

Sparkleshare – Self Hosted Automatic Dropbox Alternative Tool

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