Synchronize Files Online with SugarSync – Dropbox Alternative

When it comes to file synchronicity and sharing, the most popular tool is out there in market is Dropbox. It is easy to use and gives you a lot of flexibility. It is the most famous Application among youths. But Dropbox is not the only file sharing and Syncing Application available on the web. There are other tools that are good and worth having a look. One of them is Sugar Sync, a Dropbox Alternative.

Sugar Sync is an Online Storage Service similar to Dropbox to Synchronize files Online. It is available for almost all existing platform: Windows, Windows Mobile, Android, Mac, iPhone, iPads, iPods touch, BlackBerry and Symbian. You can access your account to work with it from any Web browser. Undoubtedly, the best Dropbox Alternative. It does everything that Dropbox is capable of doing and Probably few more which Dropbox can’t.

Features of Sugar Sync

Sugar Sync Dropbox Alternative Synchronize Files Online

1. Automatic protection of files

Sugar Sync takes care of uploading your files using SSL encryption mechanism to Synchronize with their servers, while you are on Phone. Files once uploaded are stored using AES 128-bit Encryption.

2. Access from anywhere and anytime

Sugar Sync is a Service Platform which has a client for almost all existing Platforms. So you can access this Application from anywhere and anytime.

3. Sync Unlimited

All the devices can be Synchronized under one account, if you are interested.

4. Collaboration

Files of any size can be sent using Sugar Sync, having the Application installed or not.

5. Versions of files

Last five versions of all files get saved, Synchronized and backup is done automatically.

6. Albums for your Photos

All your Photos are automatically organized into album for viewing and sharing online. All the music can also be played from any browser.

If you are using a Windows computer or a Mac, you can install the Sugar Sync that will automatically Synchronize files across your entire computer. You can choose folders selectively and Synchronize with other computer and folders which one you want back up to Sugar Sync interface. Folders can be created and files can be uploaded and downloaded, using Sugar Sync’s web interface.

It allows you to synchronize 5GB of data across unlimited number of devices. Don’t forget to install the free Sugar Sync Application on your PC or Mac, to get real-time access to files from your computers. All these features are focused on giving you the ability to control all your files, folders and data at your fingertips. These features are mostly similar to Dropbox too.

Here at this point, you will be just thinking about the Price. Sugar Sync plans are divided into individual and business plans. The best Plan i.e. the individual plan is divided into four storage capacity:

  • $49.99 a Year for 30 GB
  • $99.99 a Year for 60 GB
  • $149.99 a Year for 100 GB
  • $399.99 a Year for 500 GB

The free account of Sugar Sync offers 5GB of Storage and all the features are available without any limitation. For all these reasons, Sugar Sync is the best Dropbox Alternative.

Sugar Sync Dropbox Alternative Synchronize Files Online

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  1. Terry
    March 26, 2012 at 6:22 am #

    One other alternative to both Dropbox and Sugarsync is Syncblaze from Vembu. Its a recently launched product but looks really promising among the service providers. Why just among the service providers? Because the solution is offered only through MSPs which in turn can be offered to their customers. MSPs – its time to get the right opportunity in the market.

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