Syncplicity – Free Backup and Synchronization Suit with Dropbox Alternative

Syncplicity is a Free Backup and Synchronizing Suite that can Synchronize your files and folders on multiple computers, and also store them online. It supports for Microsoft Windows and the beta version for Mac OSX. Syncplicity is a Dropbox Alternative service provided by Syncplicity Inc. A free version of Syncplicity is available which supports 2GB of file storage, and keeps files synchronized between 2 computers.

If more computers or more Storage needed, you can try Microsoft Live Mesh or Dropbox. On the website of Syncplicity, it is stated that their tools are powerful enough for a Business Situation, but these tools are so simple to use that a novice could also use their systems without getting confused. The system does everything to manage the files though still maintaining the level of simplicity that gives the Free backup suite, which gives Syncplicity, a name.

Features of Syncplicity

Syncplicity Dropbox Alternative with Backup Synchronization

  • Files can be accessed from anywhere and anytime i.e. 24×7.
  • Without much effort all the files are managed and synchronized.
  • Steps for setting up Syncplicity are very easy.
  • Syncplicity is very easy to use.
  • Files and folders sharing between colleagues is easy, quick, convenient, safe and secure.
  • 2GB of capacity for storing files similar to Dropbox and with a free user account.
  • Files and folders are synchronized automatically.

Syncplicity is a automated synchronizing, back-up, collaboration and file management service provided by Syncplicity Inc, which is a powerful enough for a business user and easy enough for a novice. Secure enough so you can access your files anywhere anytime. But yeah, Syncplicity lack a remote-access feature, just as Dropbox.

With no easy and guessable Public link to the files, Syncplicity’s sharing is little safer. The memory footprint of Syncplicity is much heavier than that of Dropbox. Syncplicity is easy in initially setup and then after the setup almost entire process is automatic, ensuring complete online backup is up to date. Through your online account, all of the files are easily accessible.

All your important files and Documents are available with you 24×7, regardless of which computer you are on. With the version real time backup feature of Syncplicity, you can revert your files to any previous version of a file, and instantly restore backups in case of data loss. This makes it a good Dropbox Alternative.

It makes it easier for the users to continuously keeping their files up to date online than any other backup suite. The process of backup is almost automatic; it hardly requires any user intervention, and constantly working to ensures that your files are Safe and Secure. So start using the Syncplicity, A Dropbox Alternative.

Syncplicity Dropbox Alternative with Backup Synchronization

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