Test Puzzle Solving Skills with Aurora Feint 3 for iPhone and iPad

Aurora Feint 3 is a game that will test your puzzle solving skills, grow your in game character and recruit new friends to improve in the world ofAurora Feint 3. You need to gather your friends and enter a world of ever increasing, RPG world of mystery, fantasy and magic.

It is a newly launched game and is making progress everyday with new players and new features so keep in touch everyday to understand the new features. It was a winning series in the iPhone and it is back to rule the ipad market as well. Join the world of Aurora Fiend 3 today.

Free Download Puzzle Aurora Feint 3 Game for iPhone and iPad

  • It comes with turbo charged match 3 puzzle game plays for the new players as well as the old timers.
  • Game is packed with battles and wars against the thieves and the forest bandits. It is sure to keep you occupied and entertain you all the while you are playing the game.
  • You can recruit your friends and use them in times of need, similarly your friends also need you in times of trouble and hence it acts as a real time scenario.
  • The graphics is exceptionally good for an RPG in this time.
  • Brand new sound tracks are on offer.
  • You get free tutorials and help in game to help you progress without much trouble and help you whenever you tend to get stuck up.

In the new software update you get many additional features as well, like

  • Crashes at Startup are fixed and hence you can proceed without being held up, right at the beginning, a problem with the older version which many had to cope up with.
  • Support has been added for both the landscape orientations and hence you find it more interactive and easier to use.
  • It offers you all the information that you require about the game and you can also download the game for free from their website. You can also get the different versions of the game and can also look for updates with time. It is a very interactive site and is completely trustworthy and authentic.

It can run on the iPhone, iPod touch and the ipad and requires iOS 3 .2 or higher versions; It is an interactive multiplayer game and hence you can get linked up to millions of users across the globe to get a good multiplayer experience. You can download it from the following link

Free Download Puzzle Aurora Feint 3 Game for iPhone and iPad

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