The Complete WordPress Journey [Infographics]

WordPress has been the best blogging Platform till date and we are proud to let our readers know that we, Free Download Buzz is also from the WordPress community. WordPress was first released in 2004, and infact it has made an excellent growth in shorter span of time which can be depicted from the following information graphics.

Here’s a Quick Highlight from us for our Special WordPress Community, we hats off to WordPress for providing us an excellent platform to blog on.

In 2004, an unnoticed version of WordPress released which contains Plugin classification which was totally different from the newest WordPress till date.

In 2005, came out with an awesome template called Kubrick by M. Heilemann, which was able to manage all the static pages and template/theme system.

In 2006, came out with additional rich editing and image uploading features, which included faster posts along with updated import system and a new design interface for the back end.

In 2007, came out with the new version 2.1 which was featuring new interface which added up enriched editing tool and finally came out with the upgrade to content management systems.

In 2008, came out with version 2.2 which again implemented brand new interface which was now able to support widgets for templates, along with increased speed in loading.

In 2009, came out with a new innovation of auto installation of themes from the admin interface.

In 2010, came out with the first ever best theme from thelonious who adds a theme called “Twenty Ten” for Multi-Site functionality.

In 2011, Gershwin made WordPress even more faster and lighter with complete set of awesome options to work with..

Most Popular WordPress themes

In 2005, was the year when Kubrick theme was most popular with 4.3 million installations.

In 2006, was the year when Andreas09 theme was most popular with 105 thousand installations.

In 2007, was the year when Black Letterhead theme was most popular with 286 thousand installations.

In 2008, was the year when Journalist theme was most popular with 163 thousand installations.

In 2009, was the year when Vigilance theme was most popular with 214 thousand installations.

Top 5 Themes for all Time

  1. Twenty Ten with 4.9 million installations
  2. Kubrick with 4.3 million installations
  3. Misty Look with 515 thousand installations
  4. Bueno with 443 thousand installations
  5. Coraline with 424 thousand installations

Most Popular Features of WordPress

In 2004, plugins
In 2005, templates and themes, and also Akismet(an Antispam Plugin)
In 2007, widgets

While there are other popular features also in the WordPress which were invented from time to time which included Categories, Tags, Auto Image Resize, Trackback and Linkback, Pages, Menus and finally RSS Feeds. Lets check out more at the following info graphics.

The Complete WordPress Lifetime Journey [Infographics]

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