The New iPad (iPad 3) Jailbroken with iOS 5 on Release Day

The new iPad (iPad 3) has been out today official on all stores, while most of the people are in front of the Apple store to get the new one. But here is a news which everyone should know if you are purchasing the new iPad. Currently MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team has posted on Twitter stating that they have already got a jailbreak for iPad 3 within hours of release.

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The New iPad (iPad 3) Jailbroken with iOS 5 on Release Day

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The Dev Team  that “the method used to jailbreak the iPad 2 four months ago (before corona) still works even in 5.1.“. This was certainly one of the most important step since it allowed the Dev Team to get their hands on the new kernel dumps on the iPad 3. While, interestingly the Dev Team also added up “close to the Cydia repo scene” who is now working on completely new technique on the new Jailbreak methods, which would be available soon and pod2g will be working on finding out vulnerabilities in iOS 5.1.

However, there is one thing which all of the owners of iPad 3 must know, which is the Dev Team has warned all the new owners to not to get and start update the iOS version which comes along with the shipment. Or you can also choose to leave a comment on their blog asking their help on it at their blog.

Here is the Screenshot from Twitter,

The New iPad (iPad 3) Jailbroken with iOS 5 on Release Day

However, there is no official link on the jailbreak, but looks like we can expect one soon.

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