Top 10 Reasons Why Startups Companies Fail [Infographic]

People startup something basically with a goal to succeed in what they are doing. But as we say, not all becomes successful at the end of day and only some 10% succeed in their goals and aims. So do you want to know why most of the 90% people fails? We have demonstrated today in the following information graphics about the most common and unseen why most startup business fails?

While one of the major reason which we get anywhere is the area of “inconsistent”. However, today at our info graphics we will list out som eof the major and important stages of any company startup which are Discovery, Validation, Efficiency and Scale which will finally be compared with the inconsistent startups on a perfect 5 dimensional areas called customers, products, team, business model and funding.

These comparisons will finally depict you what is wrong and what is correct because this is one of the most important step where most startup lack, People do Wrong things at right place and Right things at wrong place. Do share you views on the following inforgraphics.

Highlights of the infographic:

1. Those who are Consistent startups will always tend to raise more than US$ 3 million a year, whereas the inconsistent companies will be raising only around US$ 1 million.

2. While you might also notice this fact that Inconsistent startups have 50% bigger teams even before starting up their project and will be having only 50% smaller teams after completion of project.

3. However, Business expand only with money, Inconsistent startups can raise only 18 times less money as compared to the consistent startups at the peak season which is during the Fourth Stage.

4. This is one of the most important highlight where the Consistent startups will be having more than 50% of its users as Paid one as compared to the inconsistent startups.

Top 10 Reasons Why Startups Companies Fail [Infographic]


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