Top 2 Best Twitter Client for Mac

Twitter has around more than 500 million users, hence you will definitely expect something much from this application. There are so many twitter clients for Mac, but here I will bring forth few distinguishable and extra-ordinary clients who stand a much higher chance to take place in your Mac.

1. Tweetbot

This is a fully features twitter application with a good interface, which makes your twitter look much better and beautiful.

Features of Tweetbot are

  • You can report spam and block users (you just have to right click and spam it and that user will disappear in the fraction of seconds)
  • You can manage list by creating, editing, deleting, add/remove user from the list
  • You can also enable and disable the retweets for users who are annoying you by retweeing too much
  • You can view the information of local and worldwide which is in trend now
  • You also have full support to edit and update your profile and picture
  • You can also have a single window, multiple window or a column view of your twitter page
  • There is an inline preview thumbnails which appears next to tweets that link to images and other various media
  • You can also Mute Users, Hashtags, Clients, & Keywords

Top 2 Best Twitter Client for Mac PC

2. Twitterrific

This is one of the most gorgeous apps with a wonderful interface. This is a step ahead of all other twitter app available. It is the best but not everybody will be willing to shell $5 on the app. But few affordable clients can pack a punch for this price.

Features of Twitterrific are

  • They have fast loading time and refreshing timelines
  • They have improved scrolling speed, especially with tweets using inline previews
  • Lists will get automatically hidden in the sidebar if you don’t have any
  • You can tap and hold on a user, hashtag or domain to muffle it
  • You can tap on any muffled tweet to “peek” at it, tap again to close
  • The settings are synchronized across devices using iCloud
  • They have added new image services like, Mobypicture, & Twitpic
  • They have also added Pinboard support for bookmarking links and tweets

Therefore, from a simple twitter message to tweets you have plenty of features and optuions. You can also translate it to your native language and can also synchronize across various versions. You can actually customize the complete appearance of your twitter profile

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