Top 3 Best Web Browser for Windows 8 PC

Web browsers have become the most important part of our PC’s. Our online life is completely based on the browsers. We surf, download, watch and acquire what not from these browsers. So what we need is an apt browser to surf. There are many browsers available in market for all OS. But when it comes to windows 8 there are only limited option for browsers, but all the options are well powered to be used in windows 8.

1. Google Chrome browser

Google chrome for windows 8 bring in all the same features which were there in any other Google chrome browser for any other windows OS. It is still the fastest and sleekest browser as ever. It does not crash and hang as much as compared to other browsers.

You can also upgrade this browser from windows 8, in that case you can synchronize the bookmarks, passwords and setting by logging into the account. Google chrome also provides many web stores for all the users.  Therefore, Google chrome is the same package available in windows 8 too. Download this

2. Firefox Metro browser

This metro version of Firefox is available for the new UI interface of windows 8. It has new built support of X86 32-bit and 62-bit versions. They have also given a modern look to the start screen, history, bookmarks etc.  Unlike previous versions, Firefox has improved in its performance, response and integration.

It also provides you with the facility of synchronizing older version of Firefox, swipe gestures and windows 8 charms. Firefox has definitely taken a lead to its predecessors. Download this

Top 3 Best Web Browser for Windows 8 PC

3. Internet Explorer 10

Internet explorer 10 by Microsoft is the best browser available for windows 8.  This browser is well designed for both touch sensitive and non-touch sensitive devices. The UI is much more responsive and acts quickly. The remarkable improvement in the browser has led to the calling – comeback of the Microsoft. According to the feedback, internet explorer 8 is named as the best browser for windows 8 on tablets.

It has now got the support of HTML5 improving the performance speed, stability and integration to larger extent. Keeping the back up of the company in mind and improvement, IE 10 has become the most preferred browser for windows 8. Download this

Therefore, keeping all these browsers in mind if you are a windows 8 tablet user then you must definitely opt for IE10, otherwise, all the three works well on other devices.

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