Top 4 Best Online Image Editing Tools for PC

Don’t want to download software and save your hard disk space? Then online photo editing tools is the best option for you. There are online photo editing Tools where you can utilize the tool for editing completely free, only thing required is your reliable internet connection.


This is an online adobe Photoshop which consists of almost all general Tools require for editing. It consists of tools like resize, fix red-eye, adjust saturation, and touch up photos. Adjustment saturation consists of options like highlight, dodge, burn, sharpen, and soften images. You can also add effects like chrystalize, pixelate, pop color sketch and distort effect to your photos.

The maximum space a user can occupy is 2 GB in the cloud. You can also share photos from there. Therefore it is a simple photo-editing tool.

Download this at photoshop

3. Fotor

Fotor is the most simple photo editing tool. You just have to click on few buttons to perform the task. You can crop, brighten, and tweak your photos using those buttons. You can also add variety of effects to it like pencil sketch, borders, the look of the paper etc.

One of the drawbacks is attimes it is difficult to find the “Apply” button that saves the change and lets you move on to the next step.

Download this at fotor

Top 4 Best Online Image Editing Tools for PC

2. iPiccy

iPiccy is for users who use MS paint for editing images, here the editing is mainly based on the automatic process where any editing made is made for the whole image rather than using brushed, pencils and cutter to edit.

You can perform task like rotate and flip, fix image, resize, crop, change exposure just by a click. You can add few cosmetic effects like sun tan, blush, or mascara etc. There are many options, one will have to patiently check out all the options in order to make difference between all.  The only drawback found is it does not contain an undo button.

Download this at iPiccy

1. is completely free software which differentiates its effects into three- Pixlr editor, Pixlr express, Pixlr-o-matic. The software also has the mobile app which helps you to edit images in your Smartphone’s or tablets.

The Pixlr editor helps you perform general editing like crop, size, and tweak the image. Pixlr express helps you enhance the expression by adding creative overlays on your images. Pixlr-o-matic is for playing with the photos and creating Instagram type old-looking photos. Apart from all these you can add borders, brighten- darken- lighten the images and give a old/ fancy look.

Download this at

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  1. February 12, 2013 at 1:21 am #

    My favorite online photo editing tool is PicMonkey. They have basic editing but they also have very cool special effects, including holiday fonts, stickers, etc.

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