Top 5 Awesome Arcade Games For iPhone

Let’s face the fact- Although physical arcade games are a dying breed, their influence is still strong on mobiles. Arcade games are all about short bursts of game play and high scores. And, that is exactly all mobile gaming is all about! Below listed are the top 5 iPhone games that are interesting, addicting and cost you less than a dollar to buy on the iStore! They make perfect time killing ways during short travels or waiting in queues!

1. Jetpack Joyride

This fast-paced game requires players to guide their jetpack-clad character through dangerous corridor full of missiles, lasers and electric fields earning coins, distance credits, costumes, new jetpacks and revival ability. Luck plays a real important role in the game. With rock solid controls and the standard single button approach requiring a touch to power up and release to fall back down, this game is addictive. This game is priced at $0.99

2. The Blocks Cometh

Imagine jumping over the blocks that descend down while playing Tetris! That’s what this game is about. What’s more-you have option of enjoying the bonus mode designed such that it pays homage to past era of handheld games, not missing out on the amazing pixel quality. This game is priced at $0.99

3. Whale Trail

Can easily be vouched to be the most pleasing endless runner game available. With the wonderful graphics and awesome music, your mood is sure to become happier and delightful. Plus it is a very easy game to play! To fly upward, you just need to hold down on the screen. Game over is not a very frequent possibility. If you happen to hit a bad cloud, the score multiplier keeps reducing. Flying carefully is the trick to score higher points and is not very difficult to achieve! This game is priced at $0.99.

Top 5 Best iPhone Arcade Games

4. Bit Pilot

This game is about surviving through bombardment from asteroids. The unique dual-swipe control system is awesome as it allows precise navigation through the asteroids. The chiptune sound track is awesome and this game does real justice to the high-resolution retina display of your i products. This game is priced at $0.99

5. Thousand Heroes

This game was formally entitled 1000 Heroz. This running game poses a new challenge in front of you each day. Each day you face courses fraught with new perils and have new leader boards to conquer. To add up to the fun, you could join custom leagues and also compete with friends. This game is priced at $0.99

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