Top 5 Best Free File Compression Software for Windows

If you are finding difficulties in uploading bigger files at a time to someone in mail or sending via other medium then you must look for alternate solutions like compressing the files that can reduce space to a much extent. And by doing so you can save your HDD space and your time too.  These days Compression Tools are very handy when it comes to compressing images that also includes drag and drop capabilities.

As you may know that Winzip is one of the most popular compression software. But being popular it is not free so here i give you the list of Top 5 Best Free File Compression Software for Windows.

1. 7Zip

This is the most popular Windows Software which has ability to shrink files on the go. It has many exciting new and advanced features that include the capacity to produce solid and self-extracting archives. With this Windows Tools you can also modify password protection and compression level. An interface so called Albeit, has a minimalistic interface which is easy to understand and operate for the users. Get it via here.

2. IZArc

IZArc is one of the best file compression Tool that you can find in the market and it is compatible with many of the archive formats which includes ISO, 7-zip, black hole, TAR and many others. Using this Software you can convert and save to 12 different formats. It has similar UI to the WinZip. Get it via here.

3. PeaZip

With PeaZip Windows Software you get features loaded which are great for the experts. And it has the best and the most amazing user friendly UI with its drag and drop functions. The navigation becomes easy as it has a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) platform. As of now it includes three types of installer including a portable one. Get it via here.

5 Best Free File Compression Windows Software

4. ZipGenius

Yet another Software for file comparison is ZipGenius. It has many functionalities which includes adding your signature and contact information to any zip file you create. Along with these many great features you also get  encryption, antivirus scanner support, download time calculator, disk spanning and a lot more. And finally you get multi functioning plug-in support and also available in many languages. Get it via here.

5. Hamster Free Zip Archiver

With Hamster compression Tool you get an amazing and cool colorful interface with many cool looking labeled buttons which makes navigation much more easy. You get a guide too with this that explains on how to add files by dragging, dropping or browsing. An amazing feature included which gives you access like right-clicking a file and choosing the zip options directly from the  menu. Get it via here.

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