Top 5 Best Hidden Features of Windows 8

Microsoft always comes up with an upgrade in the standard of their Operating System. There is no surprise to know that Windows 8 is also a huge success in market and accepted by all windows lovers. But there are features in this OS which you may miss. So here I will list out few hidden features in windows 8.

1. Hidden Start Menu

If you move your cursor to the extreme left bottom and left click there. The start menu will appear, along with that we have a use of right click too. If you press right click then again a menu will appear with option of administrative and control areas like control panel, task manager, command prompt etc.

2. Automatic Maintenance schedule

Windows 8 provides you with a maintenance schedule which will run automatically in your system at 3 AM. It will perform the task of updating software’s, security scanning, and other diagnostic tests daily. You can change the timing of your wish at Action Center. If you don’t want this schedule to run daily or you want to change the setting to manual, then this changes can also be made at Action Center.

3. Aero lite theme

Aero lite theme was under testing process for some time and then was replaced by other themes. The uniqueness of this theme is that it gives a very transparent look to the title bar and few others option in the OS. You can re-enable the option, activate the theme and use it. You will find this theme in the theme folder with small tweaks.

Top 5 Best Hidden Features of Windows 8

4. Categorizing of Apps

When you open your windows 8, you will find tiles shape and apps on the screen with a group name over it. You can also create your own group by simply dragging the app to the empty space on the screen. Once you have collected all the apps of that group, you can name the group as per your wish by clicking on the right corner of the screen and then right clicking the group.

5. Jump List

Jump List is an option which allows you to hide the recently opened file, folders and apps which you don’t want others to figure out in your system. The security problem of this option was under testing and has been solved. To use this option you need to right on the task bar, go to properties, click on jump list tab and your previously viewed files/ folders will not be visible.

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