Top 5 Best Improvised Features in Windows 8

With an every new upgrade in any product, we require something worthy to be in our hand and there is no doubts window 8 is one of them. To mention there are many features which have been improved based on performance, animation, and multimedia. They have also added many pleasing attractive additional features. Some of the note- worthy features are-

1. Fast Booting

Compare to other windows OS, the booting time for windows 8 as decreased to larger extent. The main reason for this improvement is the technique of hibernating of the system kernel when you shut down. It becomes almost like a partial hibernation every time. When you reboot the system, the ‘memory’ of your previous session gets reinitialized quickly.

2. Start Screen Animation

When you open your windows 8 you get an animated view of the tiles with all the apps on the screen. Along with this the start menu also has an animated view. In order to have the animation for every launch of the start screen, you can do that with a simple registry tweak. You can also change the animation setting for the above.

3. Improved Search engine

Well most of the users will be wondering, where the search button is? You need not worry for the search engine now. You just have to start writing and the search window will appear on the right side of the screen with the search results found. Along with this new effect the search capability is also increased hence provides instant results with matching and related apps.

You can also perform the search within apps. The search screen appearing on the right side contains the apps in which you will be able to perform search.

Top 5 Best Improvised Features in Windows 8

4. Customizing Icons

When a library is created, an icon will be allocated to it. To change that there was a complicated process in prior windows OS. But now you can change the icon of that library in windows 8 without any complication. Right click on the library, go to properties and you will find an option ‘change the library icon’ at the right bottom corner.

5. Faster Screenshots

Till windows 7, the procedure for taking a screenshot was time consuming. You will have to click on the print button and then open application like paint or GIMP and paste it from the clip board. But in windows 8 you just have to press win+print and windows will take the screenshot and save automatically in the picture folder as PNG file.

Therefore, windows 8 have come up with many innovative features and shortcuts which definitely simplifies users work and consumers much lesser time for any process.

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