Top 5 Best Mac Tools for Students

Students either from college or school use laptops to take notes. It became easier way of learning and Mac consists of essential Tools to help students to organize their assignments and schedules. There are other third party applications should make note because they offer more productivity way for organizing notes and app access and focus.

Here is the list Tools I found useful when searched in internet, let us know if any Tools left out in our commentary section. List consists of both freeware and premium Tools.

1. Evernote

Evernote is cross platform Tool that allows you to save notes, web pages and related text files. The main advantage in Ever note is that provides simple interface and organize the notes in a structured manner. If you uploaded to Ever note you can downloaded from your online account, Mac computer or any iOS device.

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2. MindNode

Sometimes you may not think same as me and organize thought for implementation, for the ideas we can mind map to save our ideas and recollect it afterwards. It allows user to draw pictures and provides connections similar to sequence diagram we require for software. It is better way to explain to others about our idea visually. This concept suits you more try this software from Mac App Store.

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3. Namely

When you installed more number of apps it is tedious to find and run app among this app which is not frequently used, because this app won’t be available in Dock. There are lots of applications for this purpose I prefer you to use Namely.Namely provides similar to search box you have to just start to type it’ll show apps installed starting with this letters you typed in search bar.

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Top 5 Best Mac Tools and Software for Students

4. Think

Think is one of unique application you can find in Mac operating system. Sometimes you work on system might get distracted by web or any other application, in this situation this Tool comes with help. Users want to focus on single app you can set in this app to blind all remaining apps by displaying black background other than specified app. Think allows user to set opacity of black color for adjustment and block all remaining unwanted app.

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5. Dropbox

Similar to Evernote it is multi platform application. It is must Tool for student who want access their files, notes and documents from cloud, it could be from his or her desktop, online account or iOS device. Dropbox also support any third party application to work with.

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