Top 5 Best Password Manager Apps For Android

Today, keeping a track of your numerous login details and passwords online has become a pain. And the solution cannot be as simple as using a single password everywhere as a single leak could leave you with a lot to compromise. Even having strong and complex and different passwords everywhere leaves us with a headache to track and manage. So here is how password manager apps come in to save us. These apps are tools that allow you an easy way to safely store numerous login, password and other details in a encrypted data vault which you could easily access!

Below is a list of 5 most preferred password manager apps:

1. LastPass Premium

The LastPass Premium is a strong password generator, a password vault and a browser-all in one mobile app. We can sync the password vault with our LastPass Premium account which would let the LastPass browser automatically fill in login details and other forms. It also helps in generating new passwords, add or update list of sites, form fills and secure notes. This app is also a standout password manager on desktop machines too and is free!

2. Dashlane

The Dashlane is a digital wallet and a multiplatform password manager for desktop, Android and iOS. It enables users to create, encrypt, and store passwords as well as personal information in its storage vault, which could also auto-fill forms and login details on websites. The integrated browser and the optional keyboard endow us with further auto-fill options. The Google Authenticator support gives us the option for two-factor authentication. With Dashlane’s premium service we can even back up and sync stored data to the cloud and across other devices. This is a free app!

Top 5 Best Password Manager Android Apps

3. OneSafe

OneSafe encrypts your personal details, passwords, and other data behind a master password, and also gives the option for additional passwords for folders. Its password generator allows quick creation and saving of new logins. Apart from manually inputting new logins, we could even capture information through photographs. Data backup is possible over your email, Dropbox or iCloud. One could also set your vault at self-destruct mode if an unauthorized user repeatedly guesses your master password. This app would cost you $5.99.

4. mSecure

Available in Andriod an iOS, mSecure lets users save logins, passwords and other information behind an encrypted vault inside a master password. This information could be copied into your clipboard, and can auto-fill logins and forms via the built-in browser. The password generator helps you create and save strong passwords. We could backup on local storage and the cloud. The self-destruct option of your vault saves you if an unauthorized person guesses you master password multiple times. This app is available at a onetime price of $10.

Keeper: Available across Andriod, WP and iOS this password manager allows us to enter, organize and save passwords and other information. The build-in password generators helps in strong passwords creation. This app can auto fill in logins, and even offers a initial 30 day free cloud backup and syncing, after which the sync service would be available on subscription. The app however is free!

So, from the above insight in password manager apps, we are sure we have helped you made the decision on which one to get!

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