Top 5 Best Popular Ways To Watch London Olympics 2012 Live Online

London Olympics 2012 are a couple of days away and you must be crazy about it. But when you can’t watch it at home on TV then what to do? Now you can watch London Olympics online too. Yes all this is possible by different kinds of communication network involved and that have made this possible.

As you know very well Olympics 2012 is very hot topic that is running all over world these days. Every sports person and big fans are eager to watch and know what is going on, but every time they can’t be touch with television.

When you’re at work place or travelling you just can’t carry television, to have updates of ongoing every event you simply watch on your PC, phone or Tablet. Here I will assist you how to watch live updates from different sources which shows ongoing London Olympics 2012.

5 Best Popular Ways To Watch Live London Olympics 2012 Online

1. Watch Olympics 2012 Live on YouTube

YouTube is very well verse site with lots of video are been stored. You can watch live ongoing Olympics in selected 64 countries which is listed by YouTube with free of cost. Don’t get upset if your country is not short listed, you can even watch Olympics in YouTube channel.

2. Watch London Olympics Live On NBC

Here you have another VPN service called NBC; here you can watch live 302 events in addition to highlights and video clips. If you’re staying in US then sorry, this service is not available for you. You can access NBC site from your Smartphone or Tablet.

3. London Olympics 2012 Live streaming on BBC & Facebook

As Facebook is emerging like anything in every part of market. Here for live display of Olympics, Facebook is partnered with BBC channel and have opened a number of paths to display events of Olympics to world. Facebook lets user to share information to their friends and even it allows live chat to discuss action of their favorite players.

4. Watch Olympics 2012 Live on YouTube With CTVOlympics

When you’re travelling in Canada you can watch live updates from YouTube. Since in Canada YouTube is collaborated with CTV to display on going Olympics. This is really very good news for Canadians.

5. Watch Olympics 2012 Live on Doordarshan

In India biggest Broadcaster of viewing Olympics London 2012 will be Doordarshan. This channel is very old and famous among Indians hence to watch this channel it is free of cost. You can even watch live events from DD Sports or DD National also.

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