Top 6 Best Mobile Apps For Your Job Hunt [Android & iPhone]

Unemployment is becoming great problem in this world. Job seekers are searching many new kinds of way to know the updates of jobs. Today in this Mobile and Gadget arena so many Application have come for different purpose. You have Apps for weather, dinning, roaming, games, music and much more purposes. Why can’t we have Application for job hunt purpose?  such Application will make process of looking for job easy and convenience.

By job hunt Applications, it will be easy to search job in mobile itself, rather than searching in PC, Laptop, or Tablet. Since Mobile, which is Portable and can be carried, used any where when compared to other Gadgets. Before you go through Applications just know what kind of job your searching, what is your potentially, what is your specialty. Then you can surely hunt for job in market.

Top 6 Best Mobile Apps For Your Job Hunt

Here are some of Job Hunt Applications which will be useful for job searching people. If you own a Smartphone and I am sure most of you people have one in this technology world then you must look out for these Top 6 Best Mobile Apps for your Job Hunt.

1. LunchMeet

The service provided by this App connects directly to your Linkedin account and looks for industry specific contacts by making use of geo-targeting. This Application lets you to search for jobs, all you need to do is, and you have to sign in with LinkedIn TM account. Then your account will start finding help for you with several kinds of people like talent hunters, job seekers, and career development professionals, entrepreneurs.

You can even use free consultation over lunch/drinks, and business development/sales/marketing people. You will get many company names and position vacancy in that company. Send your profile or resume to company and wait for the reply.

2. Interview Perp Questions for iPhone and Android

iPhone has come with Application called Interview Prep Questions where you can prepare for some general questions being asked in interview before going for interview. These questions are commonly asked in every interview. There is lots of collection of interview related questions given for iPhone and Android users.

Even you have notepad in that Application, in which you can note down any new question which you face in interview for future use.  You also have aptitude questions to test your mathematical skills that you have. You can even bookmark sites which give more information about how to prepare for interviews.

3. SparkHire for iPhone

A new kind of Application has come with Video interview and it is free Mobile Application for job seekers and employers. By using SparkHire Application both job seekers and employers can save time and money without travelling. All you need to do is, you have to install this software in Smartphone and get connected to online and have to give interview by fast internet connection.

Even you can maintain your profile so that company can hire you by seeing your profile. Other than maintaining resume, SparkHire lets you to maintain account, gives alert on message, shows job opening in various company.

4. Pocket Resume

As you can see name itself implies that it is related to resume. Pocket resume is well build Application with side headings like Name, address, Phone number and all you need to do is you have to fill all this space with perfect and correct information. After filling all information, Application will show preview, so that if any changes you can make.

You have good editing feature like changing fonts and colors to resume. Even you have paid version of this Application so that you can pay and enjoy lot more features of this Application.  Even you can convert resume to PDF format, one great feature of this Application.

5. Jobs You’ll Love For Android

As I already said people are making many ways and means to find vacancy to their related job. Here is another Application called Jobs You’ll Love which is made especially for Android users. In this Application there are various questions you need to answer. By answers relevant to the question, Application will match keywords and with available keywords given by employers, it will send job alerts of that company to your mobile.

So that it is easy for you to attend interview on venue and you need less effort to search for job. This Application has many interview reviews by which you can know previous experience of people who attended it.

6. Job Juice Social Media for Search For iPhone

When you’re new to find job in market and you’re not much aware of sites where company provides job. Don’t get panic and tensed, here is an Application which connects your account in your social networking sites.

Job Juice Social Media for Search For iPhone makes enough efforts for job seekers to find job by social media to build research and target key companies, and reach out to hiring managers without any difficulty. In this Application you have quick reference format by which you can easily browse, easily tackle questions of interviewers.

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