Top Best 7 Karaoke Software Player for Mac

People who are bathroom singers and love to sing songs can now improve their singing through karaoke Software available in market especially for Mac users. It provides you with the karaoke and lyrics of that song for you to stick on to correct lyrics of the songs. Not only this you can also save a huge collection of your favorites and retrieve them using just one search box. Apart from them some also provides you with many other extra-ordinary features with customizing options based on your needs. Here is the top 7 karaoke software for Mac users.

Download Top Best 7 Karaoke Software Player for Mac

  • KJams
  • TunePrompter
  • iStar
  • ARIA
  • KaraTunes
  • QMidi v2.0
  • KMid v2.4.0

1. KJams

This karaoke software resembles iTunes and allows you to display variety of songs and use them in karaoke format. You can Rip, Mix, Play and Burn CD+G format discs.  You can create your own playlist and can edit, search and sort it. The search option can be carried out with variety of keywords like your playlist name, song name, artist etc. It also provides you with Apple remote control and also the freedom to change the pitch and tempo independently.

2. TunePrompter

This Mac Software is also very easy to use reducing your complicity for loading and playing the tracks. To search for lyrics you just have to click on the search lyrics option and then you will be provided with a list of lyrics of that song within milliseconds. But you will have to paste the lyrics into the TunePrompter and then click sync lyrics, therefore your lyrics will synchronize with the song and will be displayed on the screen whenever the song is played. It supports MP3, iPod, iPhone and QuickTime.

3. iStar

This karaoke is known for its simplicity and its user friendly interface to interact with. There are Mac Tools in this karaoke which allow you to import music to the player and create playlists of your own according to your requirements. You can search for free karaoke files on the net, download and use them in iStar Karaoke. You can fill in your Mac with Karaoke and hook it up to your high definition screen to be a KJ. You can customize the way all the lyrics are displayed and so visualize that with different speed, length and size.


This software is claimed to be one of the most user friendly software because all the tools and features are self-explanatory. It provides you with karaoke mode, supports MP3+G, the ability to change the key of the song, output to a TV or additional monitor and many more. Features of this karaoke are it is easy to use, provides an online music stores, has 3 Band Equalizer for each player etc.

5. KaraTunes

This software consists of a unique feature that is it performs search for lyrics automatically as soon as the song is uploaded, other features are you can edit, save and create your own playlist. Therefore you can build your own sync collection of lyrics, export them to QuickTime, iPod and iPhone. The Mac Tools inside this software supports LRC formats, so that it can synchronize the song with lyrics. With the latest version of KaraTunes, you can even add lyrics to music videos.

6. QMidi

This software can play a variety ofMIDIfiles, no matter from where they are retrieved in any order, using the QuickTime musical instruments, Opcode OMS, MOTU FreeMIDI system, or serial port interface. It also allows easy synchronization and supports CD+G format. You can format the text, background images and also chase events. It also provides you with pitch transpose and chord transpose. This is one of the best software with ultimate features in it.

7. KMid

KMid is particularly designed to reduce the cost and effort of maintaining the song collection and lyrics for all of them. It has many interesting options in it like tool to change the tempo, font and color for lyrics, volume and pitch and configurable character encoding. It also has lots of graphic views for piano play and other instruments. You can create your own playlist by adding, deleting, editing it as per your requirements. Hence it is a simple, unique and deals with all the requirements of any karaoke player.

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