Track, Hunt, Roam, Find New Places with Gaia GPS Map Apps

Gaia GPS is an Android Apps that helps users track, hunt, cycle, ATV, using it. It is known for its backcountry, off-grid, and off-trail adventures which is developed by Abhi, Anna and Andrew.  It is an offline map hence the connection doesn’t require to stay long time. Hence it works great in remote areas to where GPS and Wifi Coverage is low. Hence any plan for outing or dating or business meet, you can surf, get the Map with distance and time required to reach that Place with just few clicks.

It uses topographical Maps Software to give you highly detailed maps that you can select and download for offline use. You can also track your position and Progress by going into Mobile Apps –> Trip features –> Record your Trip. The Mobile Tools in it allow you to take Pictures so that the waypoints of this trip can be collected and shared among friends and relatives.

Gaia GPS Map Apps to Track Hunt Roam Find New Places

The display of this Mobile Apps shows the Coordinates, Sunrise or Sunset, Pace and moving time. As an additional feature it displays Campgrounds, Parks, important Mountains, hiking trails, hills and even nearby historical buildings like Palaces and Museums.

It consists of advertisements which are displayed for free. The features which in this Android Apps are – you can download Maps when you don’t have any Network Connection, you will have to pay just once and then utilize the service as many times as you want i.e. you can download the many Maps on your Mobile paying “No Charges”.

It uses Cloud made topographic and road Maps all over the world, allow you to take Photos and Record tracks and waypoints. You will require an External GPS attachment in order to record tracks, else you will be able to view maps and waypoints, but you cannot Record tracks. You can also import and export GPX files by email or to EveryTrail. This Apps provides mobile tools through which you can Customize the Gaia GPS Apps like units, Coordinates types, Color and Sound, and much more.

It Provides menu buttons for Nexus, Prevents the mobile from going to sleep, controls the vibrator, displays the state of all Networks, creates New Network sockets. If this Mobile Apps keeps running continually in your Mobile, then the battery will get reduced to larger extebt. You can download this Android Apps at

Gaia GPS Map Apps to Track Hunt Roam Find New Places

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