Track Your Running, Walking or Driving Speed with SpeedView on Android

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could track down your running, walking or driving speed? Yes, this is possible all thanks to SpeedView Android Apps. This app is generally a speedometer Application that has loads of features to offer for various users around the globe. This Mobile Apps uses the built-in GPS system in your Smartphone to provide you with the latest current speed and the average speed that you are walking, running or driving.

This Mobile Tools provides all the necessary details related to speed, so as the name SpeedView Android Apps. Along with the speed this Mobile Apps also shows you the total distance travelled along with the time travelled and the direction in which you are heading to. Almost like all in one Mobile Apps. So let us see some of the features and tools SpeedView Android Apps provides for various users.

Features of SpeedView Android App

SpeedView Track Running, Walking, Driving Speed on Android

  • All the speed related and the other details provided by this Mobile Tools are very accurate and highly reliable.
  • One of the very different features in this Mobile Tools is that it has a HUD mode that mirrors the numbers in order to place your Smartphone on your car’s dashboard.
  • If you wish to see the Speed progress in terms of graphs then there is good news because this Mobile Apps provides the Speed graph of the last few minutes.
  • Along with walking or running it also provides speed for any vehicles too if it used inside that vehicle to track its speed.

Speed warning feature of this app lets you give a visual alert so that you keep your speed in limits while driving. If you have any problems in readings of speed then there are as many as three different units that display speed in miles, km and nautical miles.

If you wish to minimize this app then it has the ability to run in background without any problems and keeps you updated with the speed limit exceed alerts. Well I got to say this Android Apps is one awesome tool for your Smartphone to keep track of the speed.

You can download this SpeedView Android Apps from the following link

SpeedView Track Running, Walking, Driving Speed on Android

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