Turn By Turn Voice Navigation with Map Quest for Android

Another Map Application by Google “Map Quest” sounds same but it’s different from the previous one. It offers almost all the features available in the previous Mobile tools along with many new fascinating features. One of the most awaited features by users is provided in this Android App which is FREE voice-guidance. This means you can keep driving/walking safely towards your destination without knowing the route and your phone will direct you through voice towards your destination. Suppose you make an alternate/wrong turn, the app will reroute you towards your destination.

Now, comes the input to your mobile tool. You can either click or can tell the destination through your vocals. To give input through your voice use the keyword “Navigate” for example- “Navigate Home” will take you towards your home. This app will take the destination said in account and frame the path to that location and starts directing. If you have a bad memory, when it comes to routes and location.

Turn By Turn Voice Navigation with Map Quest for Android

Then you can save the route as your favorite for easy access every time you opt for that particular destination. To create a shortcut on your screen to access it in one click you have to long press on your home-screen. A shortcut to this mobile app will appear.  IT provides you with live traffic details every 5 minutes, you can look for any location around like hotels, Theatres, Library etc.

It can fix the bug and also name as Multitask Application because it allows you to make calls or listen to songs while Map Quest in running. With this many features in it, it is nowhere near complexity. It is easy to use and displays you the routes neatly. However long usage of this Mobile Apps will reduce the battery charge to larger extent. Maps are easy to use and user friendly, it can provide results based on names and category too.

The results are instant i.e. the page gets loaded very fast and provide easy scrolling. Well, I would like to include “the availability of this software as free” as a feature because this mobile application is better (in features) when compared to others and deserves an amount.

This is one of the best Android Apps. I have come across. If you are an Android user then it’s worth spending time installing this in your mobile. You can download this at

Turn By Turn Voice Navigation with Map Quest for Android

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