UC Web Browser 7 – Best Application for Mobile Browsing

Contemporary mobile phones capable of accessing internet through GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). Browsers become important part of mobile phones to browse across web.

The requested web page from browser is not handled by phone, rather than that webpage got compressed and delivered by a server. 

Free Download UC Web Browser Application for Mobile Browsing

Features of UC Web Browser

1. Compression Technology 

  • Compression technology of UC Web Browser allows reduce user’s data costs.
  • Actually compression technology compresses webpage so that it can be suitable to view ease from mobile friendly format.

2. Multiple platforms support 

  • UC Web Browser runs on mobile devices which operating system coded on Java, Android and Symbian.
  • It has compatibility feature to work on low memory to high end mobile phones.

3. First boot (Initial startup) 

  • First time opening/installation requires 12 to 15 seconds  for UCbrowser to download initial setup files(languages, themes etc.,)
  • After loading all files, next time UC Web Browser boots within 2 seconds.

4. Tabbing feature 

  • UC Web Browser starts with two tabs: Home, Favourites, Downloads and Facebook.
  • Using tab feature user can open several web sites at a same time, thus it gives good performance like system.

5. Quick links 

  • In main screen of UC Web Browser contains quick link that consists of hyperlinks to several web pages/programs that more popularly used over web.
  • This links makes website one click away.

6. Top site links 

  • Top site links contains categories of links according to their specialization. Ex: Songs8 for latest bollywood songs.
  • It contains description of which web page famous for and link for that web page.

7. Download Zone 

  • UC Web Browser contains category: Top, Hot, Cool, Video, and Music and new.
  • Below this more links are provided for several web pages links.

8. Download Manger 

  • UC Web Browser contains download manager which takes care of ‘downloading list’ and ‘downloaded list’.
  • UC Web Browser makes a unique feature in download manager is that, if downloading got interrupted somehow / pause by user, download manager allows user to resume the downloading operation instead of downloading from beginning.

9. Free copy 

  • Users are allowed to make copy of the web page contents, so that users can make use of this feature.
  • User can copy entire page, image and selected part of texts.

10. Page segmentation 

  • By specifying size of page segmentation it allows browser not to crash on low end memory phones.
  • Page segmentation value is set to default 50K, it can be changed manually by user. So that the webpage requested is exits size limits web page gets segmented into 2 or 3 pages and displayed by browser .

Download from the official source of UC Web browser at

Free Download UC Web Browser 7 Application for Mobile Browsing

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