Ultimate Gaming Experience with Borderlands for Windows PC

It’s an enjoyable battle and a stable flow of prizes which make the journey of the game an extremely pleasurable one, particularly with a few fellow armed forces all along the journey. It is a first person shooter game with elements like RPG particularly for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Mac OS X and PlayStation 3.

Here the player at first have the ability to equip with only two weapons, but later on can gain almost up to four weapon slots. On the unfriendly, bandit-ridden earth of Pandora, there is only single thing that sketches off-world awareness i.e. The Vault.

Free Download Borderlands Game for Windows XP Vista 7

This strange alien construction is supposed to seize assets of unbelievable wealth and power, and thus it magnetizes fortune-seeking businesses and persons alike. In Borderlands, the player is one such character, but the pleasure of releasing the Vault’s coverts pales in contrast to the rollicking fine time you will have on your way there.

Borderlands are regarding the expedition, not the target, and similar to the majority journeys, this one is much enhanced when you have a few friends next to you for the ride. Single players can also have a good time, as the bloody and enjoyable combat is balanced well with worthwhile loot and attractive experience systems.

However Pandora is a lonesome place for lone mercenary and isolated wolves will locate the rate calculated and the responsive characters too little and far between. Those who take benefit of the four-player online cooperative mode will definitely experience the game as it is predestined to be played.

The enjoyable beat of killing the enemies, assembling the loot, and cashing in is interrupted by fighting supervisors, finishing missions, and intensifying up. As an alone merc, this tempo is deliberate and logical, but as a squad, the tempo goes faster to a stimulating clip and soon you have exhausted hours having a hilariously satisfying time.

System Requirements for Borderlands

  • OS- Windows Vista or XP
  • CPU- 2.4 GHz or corresponding processor
  • RAM- 1GB for XP and 2 GB for Vista
  • VGA- 256 MB video RAM or even better
  • HDD- 8GB of free space
  • Sound- Windows compatible sound card

Upsides of Borderlands

  • Pleasing gunplay
  • Heaps of shields, weapons and other supportive items
  • Four exclusive and similarly fun-to-play characters
  • Dissimilar, attractive imaginative style
  • Immense scheme of rewards

Downsides of Borderlands

  • Slow-paced, lonelier for a single-player
  • Extremely unsatisfying end
  • Monotonous loot distribution system

This game can be downloaded for free in PC from the website

Free Download Borderlands Game for Windows XP, Vista and 7

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