Ultimate karaoke Software for Music Lovers with PCDJ karaoke

PC DJ karaoki is one of the ultimate karaoke software for you to install if you are a music lover and likes to sing along with the music. It has a show hosting designed for professional KJs. It can work as a stand alone or as a VRM plug-in to your PCDJ. This karaoke Software as Windows Tools like deck singer list with singer history, key control, news ticker, a library printer, a jukebox background music player, and many other features the pro KJ’s require.

It supports various zipped formats like MP3+G, WAV+G, WMA+G formats. Hence you will never have to worry about the need for any other player or a CD. It is faster and lighter than many other karaoke software. This karaoke provides facilities like Organize, Access, Search, Load and Play songs fast and easy within the recordcase.

Features of this Karaoke software

PCDJ karaoke Ultimate karaoke Software for Music Lovers

  • It can automatically delete the singer from the rotation after 20 sec.
  • You can perform search by typing anywhere on the karaoke screen, you need not go specifically to the search button and type.
  • There is Disc ID and columns in the case and search list.
  • The player displays lapsed time, remaining time, track name and BPM.
  • It also has an ‘Auto fire” option which when applied will automatically start player A, B or both immediately after the karaoke song ends.
  • It performs Scan of karaoke tracks using MP3 Tags or File naming conventions.
  • There is a new show option on rotation menu which helps clear the rotation, history and singer lists but not singer database.
  • Clicking on the song which is being played will provide you with instant.
  • You can just drag & drop the Songs to load and to perform rotation re-ordering.
  • You can find the silence by end silence detection and can adjust the song appropriately.
  • There is an in built collection of songs at karaoke locker.com storage.
  • It has updated track bar and vu meter.
  • Provides Configurable menu colors and pitch control.
  • It can also be used in touch screen terminal using wireless or wired network, selected tracks and singer loaded automatically into rotation list.
  • You can change the size of case/list text.
  • It as dual graphics windows, independent Volume Control and On Deck Play List.

You can download this software at

PCDJ karaoke Ultimate karaoke Software for Music Lovers

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