Ultimate Racing Gaming with Death Rally for iPhone

The developers of the world’s most favored games Max Payne and Alan wake, the Remedy Entertainment has developed one of its kind games for the iPhone and iPad. The already popular PC version of the game has been resurrected by the company for the iOS.

The gamers are now having more and more options to play their day with the most sophisticated phone that has ever touched the earth. The gamers have found the iOS version of the Death Rally as interesting as the original version of the game. The original game came out in the year 1996, and it was immensely hit at that time.

Free Download Ultimate Death Rally Game for iPhone Apps

Now releasing on the App Store, the game has launched itself as the finest racing game with combat skills in the game available for the iOS. The one thing which separates this game from those other ones is the focus of it over the combat skills that are involved while playing the racing game by the player.

Every vehicle that race in the game are equipped with high end weapons and ammunitions, like machine guns, and other secondary weapons. These are made by the collection of the parts that are spread along the track of the race. There is a lot of money that you are being awarded with when you finish the race according to your place of finishing the race, the number of vehicles destroyed by you while racing and other such factors.

The combat is very much satisfying, with each race win letting you to upgrade your vehicle with more deadly weapons and other such improvements. If you do not upgrade your vehicle, you surely are going to lag behind in the race as your opponents are going to bang around you ears with their weapons.

The hook of the race is that there is no break button. Only a single button is there for the acceleration as well as steering the vehicle. For a first time user, this may seem awkward, but gradually every gamer will love this kind of control of the game.

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The most interesting thing about the game play is its superb display. With the support for the Retina Display devices and other such visual devices for the iPad, the visual effects are simply out of the world for the game. The race finis leads you to the garage where you can have a close look at you damaged vehicle and also can see it getting repaired by the prize money. Download it at

Free Download Ultimate Death Rally Game for iPhone Apps

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